Priorities: Closed-door session on “bisexual issues” to be held in Sept. at White House

What the hell?

The White House will hold a closed-door roundtable discussion on issues facing bisexuals Sept. 23.

The event, described in an invitation by White House  LGBT liaison Gautam Raghavan as a session focused on “issues of importance to the bisexual community,” was first reported Thursday by the Washington Blade.

“Participants and administration officials will discuss a range of topics including health, HIV/AIDS, domestic and intimate partner violence, mental health and bullying,” Raghavan wrote.

A White House confirmed Thursday the event will take place, but decline to elaborate.

“Issues facing bisexuals” – “conflicted” people who choose to “love both sexes”?? Not saying they don’t have issues, but don’t we all? The USA Today reported that this type of session will be “an apparent first for the Obama administration” so I’m guessing we should all be impressed at the amazing “inclusiveness.”  Isn’t that special? In the meantime, the White House has seemingly wrapped up the Benghazi issue in short order, with no one being punished.

Move along here, nothing here to see… o=> :-w

Yeah. Whatever.

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