Moral Bankruptcy Continued: “Feminist” explains why sex selective abortions are “ok”

Another day, another example of the utter failure of the modern day “feminist” movement when it comes to the responsibility and accountability of women (hat tip):

When you talk about being pro-choice, sex selective abortion is often slung at you as the triumphant gotcha. “You love women so much you want them to be in charge of what grows inside their bodies, but what about the women who areaborted, have a go at answering that? ZING!”

The answer is actually remarkably simple, and it’s this: it doesn’t matter whether what’s growing inside you is liable to end up as a man or a woman. What matters is whether the person it’s growing inside – the person who is going to have to deliver the resulting baby, at not inconsiderable personal peril – actually wants to be pregnant and give birth to this child. In a world where it’s possible to end a pregnancy safely and legally, it seems like rank brutality to force anyone to carry to term against her will.

And as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter why any woman wants to end her pregnancy. As the conscious and legally competent entity in the conception set-up, it’s the woman’s say that counts, and even the most terrible reason for having an abortion holds more sway than the best imaginable reason for compelling a woman to carry to term.

National Review writer Alec Torres comments:

[Writer Sarah] Ditum argues gendercide might actually be laudable. “What about when a pregnant woman lives in a society that gives her real and considerable reason to fear having a girl? . . . In those situations, a woman wouldn’t just be justified in seeking sex selective abortion; she’d be thoroughly rational in doing so,” she writes. Ditum doesn’t mention how societies where women are afraid to have female children will be served by protecting their right to kill babies of a certain gender.

Simple answer: Because the modern day “feminist” movement is NOT about “women’s rights” – it’s about abortion rights, no matter the reason – no matter the stage of pregnancy.  Once you understand this, everything else they say and do is illuminated quite revealingly.

Margaret Sanger would be darned proud of left wing tools like Ms. Ditum, wouldn’t she?  And yet leftists accuse US of being heartless, cold, uncaring ….

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Fact: Gender equality should *always* start before birth.

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