SHOCK: WH press corps ask ZERO questions about #Obamacare at #Obama presser

Obama's media cheerleaders
”2, 4, 6, 8 – who do we appreciate?!”

Not one. Zilch. Nada.  Absolutely pathetic, especially when you consider the Obamacare roll-out is what central issue is to the shutdown standoff between the GOP and Democrats.  Via Politico (hat tip):

President Barack Obama sustained an hour-long press conference today without a single question about his signature healthcare law and the glitches that continue to plague the insurance exchanges — a point that frustrated several conservatives.

“Explain to me how in a dozen questions the second biggest story of the week, the debacle, doesn’t even come up,” Brendan Buck, the press secretary for House Speaker John Boehner, asked in an email to POLITICO.

“Questions from WH press corps are pathetic,” Brit Hume, the Fox News analyst tweeted. “As of this moment, not a single tough or challenging inquiry.” documented numerous complaints from Tweeters about the softball questions presser, including Hume’s thoughts as well those of Fox News Special Report anchor Bret Baier and Fox News national correspondent Adam Housley.  Twitchy also noted that CBS News’ WH correspondent Mark Knoller was the only journo in the bunch who asked the President a hard hitting question. Accusations of raaacism to follow, I’m sure.

I sure will be glad when a Republican is President again – for a multitude of reasons, among them the possibility that the press will finally wake up and hold one accountable again, albeit with their typical left wing slant. Sigh ….

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