Happy belated 10 year blogiversary to the ST blog – and @EdMorrissey, too :-)


Reposting a slightly edited version of last year’s message (written on 10-3-12) … because I still feel the same!  Mega-thanks for the continued support! –ST

Ten years* of taking it to the left, their allies in the mainstream media, and sometimes taking my own “side” to task when I’ve found it necessary. And still going strong.

Thanks to you, my dear readers, I am still here today – doing what I love to do. Whether I have 10 readers or 100,000, this is my passion & I will continue to share my opinions on all kinds of issues until God decides it’s my time.

It’s funny – whenever I feel burned out on writing, usually the far left does something stupid or outrageous that causes the fire inside me to burn all over again. And then it’s on. Again.

These days due to “real life” commitments I have more time to micro-blog on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook than I do long-form blogging, but either way, it’s information sharing, it’s debating, it’s calling out politicians and the MSM when they go astray, when they misrepresent, when they lie, when they do something good – all in the name of keeping them both accountable for what they say and what they do. Because a well-informed (not MIS-informed) Republic is the best kind.

Would like to give a couple of extra big shout outs to two people: my co-blogger Phineas, who has done an outstanding job here for over three years (I think?) as my co-blogger (he tweets here). His help has been invaluable to me and his contributions to this blog have brought more readers here and to his own site as well. And also, big props to fellow blogger Ed Morrissey of Hot Air fame, who also shares the same year and day blogiversary that I do. Ed started out at Captain’s Quarters doing his own blog thing, but his writing was so thoughtful and his manner of getting his points across so engaging with his readers that it wasn’t long before he started writing for some pretty important conservative publications before eventually landing a nice gig at Hot Air where he has been for several years now. The blogosphere is a better place because Ed’s in it and he continues to inspire many up and coming conservative writers to be the best they can be. Thanks for all you do, Ed.

Here’s to many more years of us giving the left hell. Cheers! : )

*I actually dabbled in blogging before October 2003, but October 2003 is when I first started blogging on a consistent, daily basis so that’s when I consider my official anniversary to be.*

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