The failure of #Obamanomics: #Obamacare sticker shock continues

Obamacare: Bad for your wallet, your job, and your health.

Fox News’ Jim Angle reports that the sticker shock is not going away for Americans impacted by the rollout of Obamacare:

Andy Mangione, who lives in Louisville, Ky. with his wife Amy and their two boys, is doing the same thing millions of people are doing –trying to figure out how much his insurance will cost under ObamaCare.

Before the exchanges opened, his insurance company said his rates would soar. But now that there are subsidies, he’s been trying for days to find out how much he would get.

“To logically compare plans, I’ve been calling them every day since October 1st,” says Mangione, “several times a day on some occasions. Sometimes enduring 45, 50 minute holds, half an hour holds.”

Although Kentucky officials were unable to give him a firm number on his subsidy because of repeated ITproblems, they did refer him to a Kaiser Family Foundation site, which suggests his subsidy will be $414 a month — on a premium of $868.

“What I’m concerned about is our doctor visits, our emergency room visits, and what I’m paying in my premium,” says Mangione.

The problem is the plan closest to what he has now will mean a 24 percent increase over his current payment– after subsidies.

And his co-pay for emergency room visits almost tripled — from $125 to $350 — an important factor for a family with two young boys.

“They’re climbing trees, they’re falling out of trees. They’re running around falling off their bike, they’re very active. They’re not unlike any other 8 and 10 year old boys,” their dad says.

The Mangiones found one plan with smaller premiums, but their doctor was out of network, ultimately making it more expensive for them.

They’re not the only ones with sticker shock.

No, they aren’t. Hundreds of thousands -perhaps millions – are experiencing the same sick feeling Mr. Mangione did after finding out the cost of his premiums are going to be jacked up as a result of the roll-out and soon-to-be-fully-implemented Obamacare. They’re running articles here in North Carolina about how people are finding their premiums will TRIPLE under Obamacare – and for some, that’s if they opt with the “lesser” plan.

Basically, Obamacare has turned into – BY DESIGN – is a giant redistribution of wealth scheme, brought to you by President Obama and every single Democrat who voted for this monstrosity, and every single Democrat who pushed for it across the country.  You have some people “benefiting” from it on a basic level who perhaps couldn’t get coverage before, even though they aren’t getting  the level of QUALITY coverage they’d expect because their doctor/clinic options are so limited, while those who had coverage are seeing their premiums skyrocket, in some cases are having their coverage dropped, or are having to settle for a lesser plan than the one they were on because they can’t afford to stay on it.

Not only that, but because so many employers can’t afford Obamacare regulations, they’re dropping hours for employees down to 30 – in some cases lower, are having to lay off staff, or otherwise have halted expansion because they can’t afford it.  This law was bad news from the start, and the sticker shock and devastating hit on the economy was all predicted by Republicans for months in the run-up to Congressional Democrats shoving it down our throats.  Kinda like Republicans predicated then-Senator Obama would be a disaster if elected President, which has also come to pass.

When are people going to finally begin to think … and start LISTENING?

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