Quote of The Day: #LASen Mary Landrieu falls on her sword for #Obamacare

Senator Mary Landrieu
Looking the other way on Obamacare, and offering up platitude legislation won’t make the issue go away, Senator.
(Photo via Washington Post)

Via Politico by way of David Freddoso:

The Politico article which features this quote talks about how, while vulnerable Democrat Senators like Landrieu are still sticking by Obamacare, they’re not being shy about letting the White House know that if they don’t get it together on the “Affordable Care Act”, there will be real trouble for them holding on to their seats next year:

Democratic senators have a warning for the White House: Fix Obamacare’s problems or put Senate seats at risk next year.

In interviews, Democratic senators running in 2014, party elders and Senate leaders said the Obama administration must rescue the law from its rocky start before it emerges as a bigger political liability next year.

Democratic senators from red states — the most vulnerable incumbents up for reelection next year — voted for Obamacare and have been among the law’s biggest champions, believing that voters would embrace it once they experienced its benefits. They could end up being some of the law’s most prominent casualties if its unpopularity continues to grow.

If voters continue experiencing problems like a balky website, canceled policies and higher premiums, the fallout could be brutal next November, Democrats acknowledge.


Democrats are clearly anxious to see the issue resolved because their most at-risk senators in 2014 voted for the measure on Christmas Eve 2009. Those Democrats — Mark Begich of Alaska, Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Kay Hagan of North Carolina — all have defended the law in the face of GOP attacks. But their frustration with the White House is showing, whether it’s Pryor and Hagan backing an extension of Obamacare’s enrollment period, Landrieu proposing legislation to ensure insurance policyholders won’t lose their existing coverage or Begich voicing his fury with the White House.

Have any of these dum dums realized yet that Obamacare cannot be “fixed” – especially not in the way it truly needs to be (scrapped), because the main issues people are having with the law now – either losing their existing healthcare plan or a mega-rise in their premiums – were supposed to happen BY DESIGN, in spite of what Obama and his faithful Democrat minions in his administration, and in the House and Senate told people for over and over again for YEARS? Democrats even voted AGAINST what would have equated to a “fix” on the issue presented by Republicans who wanted to make it to where it was guaranteed IN WRITING that people would not lose their existing health insurance plans. Democrats LIED the whole time on this issue. They KNEW. Even the reliably liberal Charlotte Observer gets it, even if the lapdogs at the New York Times still don’t.

No matter how Landrieu, Senator Hagan here in NC, or any of the other vulnerable Democrat Senators want to paint their “concerns” about the roll-out of Obamacare and/or the law itself, the fact remains that they voted against repeated attempts to delay this legislation, legislation that has severely negatively impacted MILLIONS of people – many in their respective home states – in terms of jobs, full time status, ability to keep their plans, and much more. These “moderate” Senators can moderate their tone now, but when they had the chance to turn back the tide on Obamacare, they didn’t. And for that, not a ONE of them deserves to be re-elected.

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