Howard Dean: Is it even legal for the President to be instructing insurers on #Obamacare?

Howard Dean
Even the reliably left wing Dr. Dean smells something fishy …

Finally, a legitimate question from the Dr. of Disology Howard Dean:

Following President Obama‘s speech revealing a “keep your plan” fix for the Affordable Care Act, former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean questioned the legality of such a proposal.

The president’s plan to assist those who’ve seen their healthcare plans canceled after the implementation of Obamacare includes allowing such people to retain their plan for one more year. Additionally, insurance companies will be required to tell people renewing those plans of all the alternate options and benefits they’ll lose in the process.

“I wonder if he has the legal authority to do this,” Dean told an MSNBC panel Thursday afternoon. “Since this was a congressional bill that set [the Affordable Care Act] up.”

Many of us “racist” Republicans are wondering the same thing, Dr. Dean.  Better watch it, pal. Questions like that will get ya banned from MSDNC quick …

Watch video of Dean’s remarks here.

PS: It’s pretty obvious here that the President is deliberately setting it up so he can blame insurers again for his failures when it comes to this bill. Originally, they were “bad apple” insurers for dropping your plan or raising the premiums. Now they’ll be “bad apples” if they don’t comply with his orders.  And insurers know it.

The era of fascism is alive and, unfortunately, well in America. :(

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