Turkey Day: Wishing you & your family a blessed #Thanksgiving!

ST's turkey
The Toldjah family turkey as it came out
of my oven last night. : )

Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a very safe, happy, and blessed Thanksgiving holiday. Posting here has been and will obviously be light for the next couple of days as Phineas is visiting family and mine is visiting me. Lots of cleaning and prep work has gone on in the last couple of days. :)

We should be thankful everyday but Thanksgiving provides us the opportunity to amplify our appreciation for faith, family, friends, and food.  Please also remember to be thankful and say a prayer for those who can’t be with their families today for whatever reason – whether serving in the military, working in law enforcement or in the medical profession, and any other job or responsibility where there never really is a “day off” or “holiday.”

Yours truly, with a lot of help from Mama T., made the family turkey last night in advance so I could free up some time this morning for other things to do before the family comes over. I get the honor of hosting the Thanksgiving holiday at my little home this year, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Enjoy your day today – God bless!

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