Not Worth It: #BlackFriday shoppers literally fight for TVs

Black Friday
BREAKING: Shoppers get crazy when offered unheard of deals.

Saw this video at Drudge of a fight that broke out at a Walmart on Thanksgiving Day over TVs priced to get people in the door:

There are many more links at Drudge of this sort of ridiculous behavior, including a story about a guy in Elkin, NC who claims he was kicked out of a Walmart for filming a fight and another of a shooting in Las Vegas that happened when a man purchased a big-screen TV from a Target, walked home with it, and was shot after going after two men who stole it from him while he was walking home.


I realize there are a lot of stores across the country where this doesn’t happen but to me it is just not worth it to stand in the long lines – especially on Thanksgiving day – for too-good-to-be-true deals, especially when the stores deliberately limit the quantities on the deal just to get people into the stores.

Was talking to a friend of mine about this today who said, “Shame on Walmart” in response. My mindset is to lay the blame and shame at the feet of the people who find that “things” are worth fighting for to the extent that they do, like grabbing, jerking, pulling, pushing, shoving, etc. You spend Thanksgiving day thankful for what you have – and yet turn around hours later and get into a fight over something that isn’t yours just because it’s available at an incredible price?

No thanks.

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