Sen. Menendez believes #Obamacare will help Dem Senators in 2014

Just say no. (Photo via TPM)

Sen. Menendez (D-NJ) told CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday that he believes Obamacare will not hurt Democrat Senators running for re-election next year and that it would actually help them now that the roll-out issues are supposedly ‘resolved.’ Via The Hill:

Obamacare will help, not hurt, Democratic senators in the 2014 elections, despite the website’s troubled rollout, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) said during Sunday’s episode of “Face the Nation” on CBS.

“I think that senators are going to be in a great position” to highlight the benefits of Obamacare, he said.

Senators running for reelection can point to the fact that President Obama’s healthcare plan helps to “eliminate some of the greatest evils” of the country’s previous healthcare system, he said.

The fact that so many people are trying to access the healthcare shopping website shows that the “underlying product … is critically important,” Menendez added.

Menendez compared the Obamacare website problems to a surge of shoppers, eager to purchase a product, struggling to all fit in a store’s front door.

After recent improvements, it “sounds like the front door has been opened successfully,” he said.

The millions who have lost access to their primary care physicians and/or insurance as a result of Obamacare in critical states like North Carolina, and the millions more who are expecting to lose access to their primary care physicians and/or insurance in the coming weeks are currently trying to desperately figure out what their options are, and were unavailable for comment.

Reminder: Democrats in the House and Senate, and in the Obama White House, knew that millions were going to lose their health insurance – in spite of their numerous lies to the contrary. They knew.

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