Video Flashback: So, Romney was right about a number of things …

Romney and Obama
Barack Obama’s second term ‘an extraordinary disappointment’, says Mitt Romney — 5/31/13

No, Mitt Romney wasn’t the rock-ribbed conservative we wanted in 2012 but on key issues, especially the disastrous impact he predicted Obamacare would have on the American people, and his emphasis on how Russia and Syria were NOT our friends, he was absolutely right.

I still firmly believe that America would be in a better place now if Mitt Romney had been elected over Barack Obama.

Some people could watch that video and get depressed – but I say to let it MOTIVATE you to do everything you can to get the best candidates elected at all levels of government. Local, state, national, whatever. Barack Obama and his radicalized party of far leftists are doing exactly what he promised he and they would in 2008: “fundamentally transforming the United States America” – and most definitely not in a good way. Whatever “change” we needed, he was the last person this country should have chosen to implement it!

(Via Jon Ham)

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