Obama voter: #Obamacare has “made my life a nightmare”

Just say no.

Emilie Lamb, another liberal supporter of President Obama and the so-called “Affordabe Care Act”, has experienced a serious wake-up call after going what she calls a “nightmare” experience after its full implementation (via):

ObamaCare was supposed to help me.

That’s all I could think as I sat in the House of Representatives last Tuesday night as the guest of my congresswoman, only a few hundred feet away from President Obama as he gave his State of the Union address. Four years ago, I’d have been there cheering for ObamaCare’s passage. But the real ObamaCare has made my life a nightmare.

I suffer from a difficult chronic illness called lupus, an autoimmune disease with devastating symptoms that strike when you least expect them. At age 40, my life is filled with visits to doctors, specialists and the emergency room. While paying for this care is expensive, I have no other choice.

Prior to ObamaCare, I bought my health insurance through CoverTN, a program run by the state of Tennessee. The coverage was perfectly suited to my unique medical condition. It offered me low premiums, a low deductible and low co-pays for my regular trips to doctors and specialists. This plan was perfect for someone with my unique medical condition and limited financial means.

My plan was canceled last fall. According to the regulators behind ObamaCare, it was a subpar plan that should no longer be sold to consumers. Another 16,000 Tennesseans on the same plan were similarly dumped. Many, like me, liked their plans and wanted to keep them.

This wasn’t my insurer’s fault at all. CoverTN actually fought for me to keep my health care. After I received my cancellation notice, the folks at CoverTN requested that the federal government give them a waiver, which would let them grandfather my plan into ObamaCare. Their request was rejected.

This left me with no health plan and only one choice: Buy a plan through the ObamaCare exchanges.

After weighing my options, I settled on a “platinum” plan. This was the best plan that I could choose. A “bronze,” “silver” or “gold” plan all would leave me paying exorbitant amounts of money on my frequent, and expensive, trips to doctors and specialists.

But the platinum plan was the lesser of two expensive evils. My new plan costs me $373 a month, even after a small subsidy.

By comparison, my old plan only cost me $57 a month. And I now pay 25 percent co-insurance on all doctor visits until I reach my out-of-pocket maximum of $1,500. This is much higher than under CoverTN.

All told, I’m likely going to pay more than $6,000 more each year for my medical care.

She goes on to talk about how she had to take a second job to cover the costs of her new health care plan and how she has become disillusioned with the President due to promises he made over Obamacare that he didn’t keep (and had no intentions of keeping).

It’d be really easy to laugh and say “we told you so” but in the scheme of things, it’s pointless. This is how a lot of people experience wake up calls when it comes to politicians and their promises, as well as when questioning their own belief system in terms of the rightness or wrongness – in retrospect – of what they wanted and expected from their elected leaders.   Ms. Lamb is not the first Obama voter to realize she was wrong on this legislation – and the man who assured her it would be to her benefit to have it – nor will she be the last.

The more people who realize the error of their ways on Obamacare the more likelihood they’ll turn away from the party that owns it 100%.  Hopefully, they won’t allow the Democrats who are desperately trying to distance themselves from it to fool them all over again.

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