Sandra Fluke one step closer to running for Waxman’s House seat

Sandra Fluke
Will she or won’t she?

Via Politico:

Women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke has filed paperwork to seek the congressional seat being vacated by the retirement of Rep. Henry Waxman with the local party, but her team says she’s just keeping her options open and hasn’t made any final decisions.

The California Democratic Party lists Fluke’s name as having officially filed with the party to run in the California district of the retiring Democrat. Two other candidates have filed to run and three others are considered potential candidates, according to the party’s site.

But a spokeswoman for Fluke said the move was simply a necessary step if down the line she wants to seek the party’s endorsement and said no final decisions have been made.


Fluke became famous in 2012 when she was denied the opportunity to testify before a Republican-led congressional panel about contraception, and then Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut” on his radio show. She became an icon for the left and advocate for women’s issues.

And – for better or for worse – she has made the most of her time in the spotlight, thanks to the strong support of the DNC and their militant allies in far left “feminist” pro-abortion groups who thrive on painting women as helpless victims who can’t make it without Uncle Sam, the “right” to choose, and “free” birth control.

Oh well, even if she does run and eventually win, at least it won’t be a seat the GOP loses.  Trying to see the silver lining somewhere here …

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