Sen. Shaheen: If you like your Dr., you should be willing to “pay more” for plan

Senator Shaheen
Seriously, Senator?


Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D., N.H.) doubled down on her defense of Obamacare in a recent radio interview with WKXL, saying those who wanted to keep their old doctors could do so, but only if they are “willing to pay more”.

“At least for people who are willing to pay more, that they have that option of going to their doctor and hospital no matter what their insurer does,” Shaheen said.

Shaheen refused to say whether or not she would vote for the Affordable Care Act again, given the disastrous rollout of and the millions of cancelled insurance plans. Shaheen would only say, “I wasn’t the person who was writing this law. Hindsight is 20/20.”

You can run away from your vote on Obamacare, Senator, but you can’t hide.

Bryan Preston adds:

Obama not only promised that you could keep your doctor if you liked them, he promised that most families would see their health insurance premiums go down. A lot. Now Democrats are being forced to acknowledge that many Americans will have to pay more just to get back to where they were before Obamacare.

Shaheen refused to answer whether she would vote for Obamacare again, knowing what she now knows about the law. That begs the question, and presents an obvious answer: Did she do her job and read the bill before voting to pass it?

I think we all know the answer to that one.

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