New poll finds that Bush is seen as more competent than Obama


This should start your weekend off on the right note. ;) Via the Washington Post:

A majority of voters say the Obama administration is less competent than Bill Clinton’s and a plurality say it is less competent than George W. Bush’s according to a new Fox News poll released Wednesday.

Sixty-eight percent say the Obama administration is less competent that the Clinton administration. Forty-eight percent say it is less competent than Bush’s, compared to 42 percent who say it is more competent. Seven percent judge Obama’s and Bush’s the same.

Fifty-five percent say that the Obama administration has made the country weaker; 35 percent say his administration has made it stronger.

You have to laugh at this. Liberals will laugh for different reasons – because it’s a Fox poll and therefore will be deemed by them as “not credible”, but they’re in denial about how most Americans view this administration anyway – regardless of comparisons of President Obama to George W. Bush.

Granted, time softens many people on their opinions of the legacies of most former Presidents, and I’m sure some of that is at play here.  But think about the considerable amount of time that the Obama administration spends blaming President Bush for the current ills our country faces – and his inability to “fix” them all, and consider the terrible week Team Obama has had all around over the controversy surrounding the “prisoner swap” of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five high level Taliban terrorists at Gitmo. And then imagine their reaction to this poll. LOL.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall. :))

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