Caption This: Hillary Clinton & Rahm Emanuel embrace in Chicago

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Rahm Emanuel
Former Sec. of State Hillary Rodham Clinton embraces Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel during an appearance to promote her new book, Weds., June 11, 2014, in Chicago.(AP Photo/Stacy Thacker)

The story – via the Politico:

Two decades ago, Rahm Emanuel was an accomplished and ambitious Clinton White House aide, whose cocksure style outpaced his judgment and maturity. Hillary Clinton, leery of that persona, tried to have him fired early on.

But on Wednesday, the two took the stage together for an interview, led by Emanuel, as Clinton embarks on the second leg of her promotional tour for her new book, “Hard Choices,” which is widely seen as a kickoff to another presidential campaign.

Emanuel, now Chicago’s mayor, gave Clinton a big hug at the outset. Despite reports that he had mused to some Washington Democrats last year about running for president in 2016 if Clinton took a pass, he’s endorsed her potential candidacy through the super PAC “Ready for Hillary.”

Before they settled into their seats, Clinton told the crowd that she goes “back a long way with the mayor,” and nodded to his reputation as an aggressive, energetic operator: “If ever there’s a blackout in Chicago, have Rahm hold some kind of cable and it would start to electrify again.”


Yet any tensions between the two are clearly in the past; there were genuine signs of warmth between them on Wednesday. Emanuel noted they were sitting on the stage of a ballet company, but said that it had never been “graced” so well as it was with Clinton.

Sounds like the sugar was so sweet on this leg of her book promo tour that you couldn’t even cut it with a knife. And speaking of knives, anyone doubt Rahmbo is angling for another turn as a “senior” adviser to another Clinton in the White House?  My stomach suddenly feels queasy …

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