Member of Team Clinton bans conservative news outlet from U of Ark archives

Bill and Hillary Clinton
All about image.


A Hillary Clinton donor who serves as dean of the University of Arkansas libraries has banned the Washington Free Beacon from the school’s special collections archives, after the news outlet published revealing stories about Hillary Clinton based on documents available at the university library.

The ban came days after the Free Beacon ran a story about Clinton’s 1975 defense of a child rapist that drew from audio recordings available at the University of Arkansas library’s special collections archives.

However, the ban was not mentioned in a June 16 email to this reporter from Steve Voorhies, manager of media relations at the university.

“Congratulations on another fine mining expedition into the University of Arkansas Libraries archives,” Voorhies wrote.

“I appreciate you raising the profile of the University of Arkansas Libraries special collections,” Voorhies concluded his email, while asking for advanced notice prior to future stories.

“I expect there is more you will find in coming months,” he said.

Library dean Carolyn Henderson Allen informed editor-in-chief Matthew Continetti in a June 17 letter that the library had “officially suspended” the Free Beacon‘s research privileges.

That’s not even the half of it. Make sure to read the whole thing. The lengths the Clinton Protection Racket will go through to try to protect Bill and Hillary – especially Hillary, at this point, boggles the mind. Deeply disturbing. What else are they trying to hide?  You can bet this won’t be the last time the Beacon shines a light on them.

And to their credit, the Free Beacon isn’t backing down – as can be seen from their front page which has several huge Clinton stories  “above the fold” this morning.  Their response to Allen can be read here. Bravo.

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