Warrior woman
Hi there.

Renewed the ST domain today – for another two years. Normally I renew for one year each year, but the recent horrific and tragic events that have taken place over the last week drove me to make sure the site was around for a while to come, and that what I had written here since 2003, and what my co-blogger Phineas as well as guest bloggers had written, was preserved.

I may not blog here near like I used to be, but I’m still active – I am still a contributor to IJ and am engaged on social media frequently, especially Twitter.

This will always be my home when I want to let unfiltered commentary fly.

I have been disheartened over the last year or so with the direction of GOP, especially now that Trump is the nominee (don’t get me started), and I am so fed up with the Hannity/Ingraham crowd over their actions that led up to Trump becoming the nominee. I have toyed with the possibility of joining the “unaffiliated” ranks at some point in the near future in protest, but for now, I stay.

Right now more than ever, our country desperately needs firm, strong, capable – mature – leadership and we won’t have that no matter which candidate is elected as President in the fall. Our country has made it through some really rough times, and I pray that we will through the next four years as well. It’s going to be an extraordinarily bumpy ride. Make sure to buckle your seat belts.

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