The Media Says Pulled Events Are “Because Of HB2.” Here’s The Real Truth.

Media analysis.

In the aftermath of House Bill 2 (HB2), it is without fail that each time a sporting event or convention or conference is pulled from North Carolina that the mainstream media report the organizations pulling them are doing so over the so-called “bathroom bill.” It’s a convenient excuse, but the real story involves the activist Left and their relentless pursuit of compliance  – whether it be forced or voluntary.

Just look at the groups involved in litigating HB2: The Human Rights Campaign, the ACLU, Equality NC, Lambda Legal. Rather than try and find a middle ground on this issue, one where those concerned about the privacy and safety of women and children, and those who desire “equal rights” for the transgender community could get most of what they wanted out of a rework of the bill, they’ve refused numerous attempts at extending the olive branch.


Because it’s not about persuading people to believe in their viewpoints. It’s about punishing those who dare to push back against their radical agenda and their brand of punishment is political, financial, and personal.

Groups like Human Rights Campaign have target lists on their website of public figures known for their opposition to gay marriage and unisex changing facilities. They are described as “exporters of hate” because of their refusal to back down from their positions, and because of that they are to be “shamed ” and they are targeted at their homes, their places of work, and their spouses and families live in fear.

Dr. Robert O. Lopez is a classic example of the extreme lengths these fanatical organizations will go to to either force compliance or attempt to personally and professionally destroy the otherwise good names and reputations of many people widely respected in their communities.

Radical Leftists have even gone so far as to “out” private citizens who contributed money to campaigns like Prop 8, a California initiative from 2008 which banned gay marriage statewide. As a result, the livelihoods of not just those people, but the businesses they either owned or worked for were threatened and impacted. Because disagreement with the activist Left is unacceptable and worthy of scorched earth-style tactics.

Just ask Mozilla co-founder Brendon Eich, who was essentially forced out in 2014 as CEO over his $1,000 contribution made 6 years earlier in support of Prop 8.

Just ask Target, who in 2011 were the targets of a nasty boycott campaign nationally by the activist Left because of a political donation made to a pro-business group that supported a candidate viewed by the LGBT community as “anti-gay.” This was in spite of the fact that Target had long held a “gay-friendly” reputation.

Target’s donation had been a business decision, not a socially conservative statement, but that didn’t matter. They were going to be made to care and made to pay. And ever since the campaign, Target has done all but fall at the feet of national LGBT groups in order to stay in their good graces.

Fast forward to 2016 and HB2. Any person who believes these same types of bullying tactics weren’t used or threatened against businesses and organizations who had expansion plans or events planned in North Carolina prior to HB2 is deluding themselves.

Sure, some would have pulled their sporting event or plans to expand business in the state without the added pressure from activist left wing groups, but I suspect that the NCAA and the ACC in particular probably wouldn’t have pulled tournament and championship games without the pressure put on them by these activist groups and the editorial pages of leading North Carolina papers who support the very types of boycotts that punish innocent people in the name of the “greater good.” North Carolina is a cash cow for certain types of sports, especially basketball.

The ACC, in fact, is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina. They moved games out of state that had been scheduled to be played in their backyard. You’re telling me they were really on board with more or less shooting themselves in the foot because they felt it “was the right thing to do”? If you really believe that, then it’s time to wake up.

Corporate bullying and threats of economic boycotts have become hallmarks of the activist Left in their war on disagreement with their agenda. They don’t care who are what are destroyed in their path to total domination and compliance. Most businesses, most organizations, just want to be left alone, to be allowed to make their own decisions “without fear of retribution ” concerning what candidates, policies, and ideas they would like to support. But Human Rights Campaign and their ilk won’t let them.

Which is why you should keep this in mind: When the media reports that “XYZ Corporation” is pulling their annual business conference from North Carolina “because of HB2”, remember that they may have felt like they had no choice. That maybe they didn’t want the negative publicity, didn’t want to put their businesses and the livelihoods of their employees at risk for taking either a neutral or public stance in support of HB2.

Political thuggery is a very dangerous thing, after all, and unfortunately it doesn’t just come from politicians.

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