Be A More Engaging, Persuasive Speaker By Listening First

Found this great pin on Pinterest this past weekend and wanted to share.

During my time as a political commentator, one thing I have observed often is that there are a lot of people you meet who hear you, but who don’t listen to you. Β I have fallen into these patterns, too, on and off – usually without realizing it: Β You nod, smile, tilt your head while someone is speaking but you don’t really listen to them. Β I think the art of listening is close to being a lost one because most people have the mindset that they know it all already – and that any contrary or different opinion or way of doing things is not worth devoting any significant amount of time to hearing out because your way is “the better way.”

Not only that, but so many of us seem to be so preoccupied with worry about what’s just around the corner that we fail to pay attention to what – and who – we have in front of us and what they’re doing or saying. I would bet almost everyone who reads this post has been around people who they were sure weren’t really paying close attention to was being said in the course of a conversation. So why would we want to treat someone else like that when we know what it feels like to be given the obligatory nod and wink?

Next time someone is talking to you, try to clear your thoughts – definitely put down your cell phone or tablet – and really listen to them, and converse with them in an engaging way … especially if you find them interesting and want to gain their friendship. Or, if for no other reason, to thoroughly understand their position in order to strengthen your counterarguments.

The tips below should give you a good head start.

Learn to communicate better.
Learn to communicate better.

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