Nancy Pelosi Goes All Dainty Southern Belle On Paul Ryan

Southern Belle, Nancy Pelosi
Help, help! (Photo credit)

The rule in the US House floor forbidding the wearing of sleeveless attire in any form has become a hot issue over the last few weeks. The Usual Suspectsâ„¢ rushed to the cameras and social media to express their outrage over recent enforcement of said issue. And they wrongly blamed House Speaker Paul Ryan for putting the ban in place even though in reality the rule has been around for decades.

Ryan, as it turns out, is merely the unlucky guy playing the enforcer role.

Because this ban is clearly all kinds of sexist and misogynistic and such (I mean, we just know men in muscle shirts would be allowed on any given day, y’all), our intellectual betters on the left demanded it be addressed, amended, etc.

And so Speaker Ryan has set about doing just that:

The Wisconsin Republican in a news conference Thursday said he has asked the House sergeant-at-arms to revisit and “update” business dress requirements that bar women from wearing sleeveless and open-toed shoes. The dress code also requires men to wear jackets and a tie, though that requirement has largely escaped recent criticism.

“…has largely escaped recent criticism.” Understatement!

This move by the Speaker has pleased House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who went all dainty southern belle on Ryan in a tweet thanking him for addressing this burning issue:

“These unwritten rules are in desperate need of updates.”

But wait a second here. If these rules have been in “desperate need of updates” why didn’t the first female speaker of the House do that when she had the chance? In case you’ve forgotten who that speaker was:

Yep. From January 2007 to January 2011. Five whole years.

Apparently the “most powerful woman in America” at the time either didn’t find the rules “in desperate need of updates” or she simply waited for a man to come to the rescue.

Keep being you, Nancy Pelosi. Keep being you.