The MSM Should Report On Transgender Stories Honestly Or Not At All

Media analysis.

Did you hear the shocking story about the man who gave birth?

If you’re like me, when you hear about stories like that, you immediately think it’s some off the wall fabrication from the tabloids and other similar types of publications whose credibility has historically been questionable and suspect. Β Pseudo-news outlets who publish the most sensational stories that they can make up in order to try and attract buyers to their magazines and clicks to their websites.

In the case of articles involving transgender persons, however, the mainstream media themselves are engaging in similar tactics. Especially when it comes to people born women who now “identify” as men – and who still have the ability to give birth.

Portland, Oregon’s KATU is just one of many examples of this. Take a look at a recent story they reported on involving the pregnancy of a local resident. The headline? “Portland transgender man gives birth to son” – here’s the story:

A Southeast Portland transgender man and his husband are celebrating the arrival of their new child.

Trystan Reese gave birth to Leo two weeks ago.


“I would say it’s unique. I understand that people are not used to two men having a biological child between the two of them. So, we know it’s unique,” said Reese.

Folks, this is an insult to the intelligence of readers – who all know that men cannot give birth to children. A “man” did not “give birth” and the description by Trystan Reese of such a birth being “unique” because it’s ‘two men having a biological child” is preposterous.

Why? Because Reese was – you guessed it – born a woman. The fact that KATU didn’t mention that inconvenient but very relevant fact until the very end of the story is a dereliction of their duty to be upfront with readers (and viewers?) from the get-go about who the participants were in this story about a pregnancy.

Since when is the birth of a child by a woman news? When the mainstream media can pretend it’s really a man who gave birth and make a story out of it.

Another one making the rounds this week that involves transgender persons comes out of Pennsylvania. From Reuters:

A Pennsylvania school district will let students use bathrooms matching their gender identity under a settlement announced on Tuesday that ended a federal lawsuit brought by a group of transgender students.

The lawsuit, which targeted the Pine-Richland School District in suburban Pittsburgh, was filed last year on behalf of three transgender students who claimed that a district policy mandating that students use bathrooms matching their biological gender or use unisex restrooms was discriminatory.

The merits – or lack thereof – of the case aside, what was interesting was the care Reuters took in describing the students involved in the lawsuit:

Two of the students who sued were born anatomically male and now identify as female, and the third was born anatomically female and identifies as male. The three have since graduated from Pine-Richland High School.

Just. Stop. “Born anatomically male/female”? Two were born male and one was born a female. End of story.

Look, I know these outlets actually reporting these stories from a realistic standpoint like “Woman gives birth” or “Girls and boys who now identify as another gender are victorious over school district,” wouldn’t get near the clicks and views. But even readers and viewers who fully support the idea that someone born one gender can actually be another gender know that men can’t become pregnant. And that you don’t have to report that someone was born “anatomically” anything.

The mainstream media, even if under threat of harassment and boycotts from the thuggish left wing LGBT mafia to report stories the “right” way, should still strive for honesty and actuality in their news items involving the transgender community. To do any less is a disservice to readers and viewers – and a discredit to journalism and hard-working journalists everywhere.