WBTV News, Charlotte Observer Skip Out On Lawana Mayfield “Hitler” Tweet Coverage

Media analysis.

Last Friday, Charlotte City Councilwoman LaWana Mayfield wrote a controversial tweet about President Donald Trump, comparing the 45th president of the United States to Adolf Hitler:

Local TV news outlets WCNC, Fox 46 Charlotte, and WSOC-TV published articles about Mayfield’s tweet, with WSOC providing the most extensive coverage:

“I don’t think it’s appropriate,” Charlotte resident Ulga Mazets said.

Mazets is from eastern Europe and said her family was impacted by Hitler’s reign.

“My grandfather was in (a) concentration camp, so I feel it’s a very harsh comparison,” she said.

Others felt the comparison was inappropriate but said Mayfield had the right to make it.

“Everybody got their own opinion,” a Charlotte resident said.


Ironically, Mayfield just called for an investigation into a Charlotte Housing Authority worker who allegedly posted a tweet on Facebook applauding the death of Keith Lamont Scott.

Mayfield, a Democrat from District 3 who is up for re-election this year, later issued a statement “clarifying” her remarks but not apologizing for them (via Fox 46).

Lawana Mayfield
Lawana Mayfield

Interestingly enough Charlotte’s WBTV News and the Charlotte Observer opted out of covering this story (at last search, articles on this topic were not found on either site).

While the reasons why are unclear, this piece from the Observer detailing their fall election Council endorsements may provide some clues as to why the city’s newspaper of record decided to skip over this hot button story:

Incumbent Democrat Lawana Mayfield seeks a fourth term in this district that covers most of west and southwest Charlotte. She is being challenged by Republican newcomer Daniel Herrera. We recommend Mayfield.

Mayfield has been one of the more effective council members. She is an independent thinker, breaking with a majority of Democrats occasionally on issues such as toll lanes and a Republican’s recent affordable housing proposal. She is a vocal proponent of LGBT equality.

The endorsement editorial was published on Friday October 20th, the same day Mayfield wrote her tweet.