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Charlotte Observer Ignores Its History Of “Maligning Voters” In Hit Piece On McCrory

The Charlotte Observer

As of this writing, the North Carolina gubernatorial race has yet to be decided. But it appears attorney general Roy Cooper (D) may be close to being able to legitimately declare himself the winner over incumbent GOP governor Pat McCrory. Unsurprisingly, the Charlotte Observer editorial board is ready to fly their “Mission Accomplished” banner. But the calls for a recount and questions about voter fraud from the McCrory campaign have delayed the struggling paper’s victory celebration, and as you can imagine, they aren’t happy about it......   [Read More]

Charlotte Observer Wages Total War On HB2 And Their Journalistic Standards

Charlotte Observer and HB2

It’s not exactly a secret that the Charlotte Observer opposes HB2. They’ve run countless “objective” pieces on it since its late March passage as well as numerous haughty editorials decrying the law known nationwide now as the “bathroom bill.” They’ve also denounced its proponents – which include victims of sexual assault and rape – as “bigots” fighting against “imaginary threats/ghosts” who need to get over their “discomfort” at the thought of male genitalia in their locker rooms......   [Read More]