“Cultural Appropriation At Halloween”: A Great Response to the Debate

Laverne Cox, cultural appropriation
Some types of ‘cultural appropriation’ are acceptable to the left, as transgender ‘actress’ Laverne Cox demonstrates.

Much has been written this year by the activist left about so-called “cultural appropriation” during Halloween and how it’s “wrong, blah blah, my culture is not a costume” and all that. But one woman’s simple response via Twitter shines the light on the left’s duplicity on the issue.

Kaeley Triller of the Hands Across The Aisle Women’s Coalition highlighted transgender “actress” Laverne Cox’s July 2015 post on “cultural appropriation” as an example:

Cox, as you may recall, was infamously quoted earlier this year for saying that, “[t]here’s no universal experience of gender, of womanhood.”

As I wrote at the time:

To Laverne Cox and – via extension – his True Believers, there is no “universal experience of womanhood.” Translated, that means there’s no experience women go through that is unique to their gender. Apparently, everyone on earth can have babies, menstrual cycles, and all the other characteristics universally associated with being a female, like being the primary victims of sexual assault, rape, and spousal/partner abuse.


In essence, here’s what Cox did: He’s a man, one who now identifies as a woman, mansplaining to women that there is nothing “universally” unique about their experiences as females. Which must be why he wanted to become one or something.

To the activist left, a man appropriating female culture is entirely appropriate, acceptable, and should be unquestioned. But dressing your child like Disney’s Moana? That’s just totally wrong, y’all.

Will somebody wake me when this country gets back to the “Facts First” philosophy? This stuff’s getting really old and tiresome. Fast.

(Originally published at American Lens)