Juanita Broaddrick Burns Chelsea Handler In Twitter Response Over Roy Moore Controversy

Juanita Broaddrick
Juanita Broaddrick (r) and then-Arkansas attorney general Bill Clinton, circa 1978. Image via Getty.

Comedian/TV talk show host Chelsea Handler weighed in over the weekend on the controversy surrounding Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore. Moore is accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl when he was in his 30’s:

As passionate a statement as it came across, Bill Clinton accuser Juanita Broaddrick had a sick burn in response:

Broaddrick’s “But I’m sure you don’t want to go there” was especially on point. Consider that Handler, like most other liberal Democrats, has never wanted to “go there” when it comes to Broaddrick’s credible allegations about Bill Clinton raping her when he was the attorney general of Arkansas in 1978.

Her allegations were made in 1999, well into Clinton’s second term. However, rumors had circulated for years prior – during the former president’s counter-offensive against accusations from other women that he had sexually assaulted them, too.

In light of the very serious (and credible) allegations being lodged against Roy Moore, even a few Democrats are acknowledging that it’s time for the party to come to terms with their double standards:

[MSNBC host] Chris Hayes tweeted from his social media account some uncomfortable and inconvenient truths for the left.

“As gross and cynical and [hypocritical] as the right’s “what about Bill Clinton” stuff is,” he said, “it’s also true that Democrats and the center left are overdue for a real reckoning with the allegations against him.”


The uncomfortable “reckoning” he refers to points to the hypocrisy of many liberals dismissing claims against Clinton while championing women who speak out with similar allegations against other predators.

Indeed. In fact, it was Hillary Clinton’s 2015 tweet about victims of sexual assault coming forward that got Broaddrick so fired up to speak out again in the first place:

It’s nice that Hayes and a few others seem to be waking up to the realization that they’ve been on the wrong side of history for decades. Even though they’re conveniently doing so at a time when both of the Clintons have exhausted their usefulness to the Democratic party.

Unfortunately, Handler isn’t one of those “woke” Democrats. She was an enthusiastic supporter of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign so much to the point that she cried on camera over the election results. She also talked of moving to Spain.

As of this writing, Handler has yet to respond to Broaddrick’s tweet.