Chelsea Handler Exemplifies The Rot Modern ‘Feminism’ Has Become

Chelsea Handler
Chelsea Handler. Image via Netflix.

When comedian/TV talk show host Chelsea Handler isn’t going on unhinged Twitter rants against President Donald Trump and other elected Republicans, she’s opining on members of his administration. Nothing wrong with that in and of itself, except that in doing the latter she sometimes defeats the purpose of her feminist message (and it’s not the first time). For example, take a look at the following Tweets, sent from her account late last week and over the weekend and directed towards White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders:

One message defeats the other. A feminist supports other women, according to Handler. But Handler doesn’t support Sanders. So does that mean the Hillary fan girl isn’t a true feminist?

This is one of the main problems with modern feminism. They deceive women into thinking we’re all one big happy family and need to lift each other up and must support each other.

Yet in the next breath they’ll denigrate any woman who doesn’t toe the (‘progressive’) feminist line when it comes to abortion on demand, “free” birth control, showing support for like-minded liberal women, denying due process for men on college campuses who’ve been accused of sexual crimes, and other core issues that are essential to the “feminist cause.”

Whenever “we must support women” is uttered by a so-called feminist, people need to remember that it’s always, always conditional – that it all depends on whether or not your views line up behind their anointed feminist spokespeople like Chelsea Handler.

If they don’t, then it’s open season. Because in not supporting taking the life of unborn children and by refusing to tout the ‘victimhood’ mantra that has become such an ingrained part of the feminist psyche, you are an “inauthentic woman” – a traitor to The Causeβ„’. Subservient to “the patriarchy.”

Differing, diverse viewpoints not allowed. It’s “COEXISTING” in name only.

It’s rotten. To the core.

Originally published at American Lens)