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Mainstreaming of Michael Moore

Michael Moore. Say that name and conservatives east coast to west will be hard pressed not to launch into a righteous condemnation. This man, they declare, is responsible for one of the most successful propaganda campaigns in modern times thanks to the release of his documentary (sic) titled Fahrenheit 9/11, which won the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival in May. Under the guise of “caring for the troops” and a desire to “get the truth out,” they will claim that Moore is responsible for taking the most important undertaking of our lifetime – the war on terror – and making a mockery of the Bush administration’s efforts at fighting terror. It’s no secret that there’s not a shred of love lost between conservatives in this country and Michael Moore. There’s not a Bush-supporting conservative, whether they be in Congress or elsewhere, who will hesitate to tell you their opinion on the controversial filmmaker......   [Read More]