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Discussion: Could Ronald Reagan get nominated by today’s Tea Party?

Well, just a short time ago, New Jersey pushed the delegate count to where it needed to be for Mitt Romney to now officially be the Republican nominee for POTUS.  Gotta admit, I never in a million years thought we’d be in the position we are today – nominating a guy mistrusted by so many in the base, but he’s “our guy” now, and we’ve got to do what we can to help him and Veep nominee Paul Ryan over the finish line come November......   [Read More]

Let’s get it started: List of #GOP2012 speakers for Tuesday

Looks like the RNC’s trying to get the convention back on track after a one day delay due to Tropical Storm Isaac, which is predicted to make landfall in Louisiana sometime later this evening. Fox News has a partial list of speakers for later today and tonight in Tampa (subject to change, of course), with some of the bigger names scheduled for later in the evening. Here’s the primetime schedule:.....   [Read More]