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Culture of Eruption: Conservative Palin critics are “coming out of the closet”

… Erick Erickson, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingraham – just to name a few**. Read Erickson’s lengthy write-up to get a gist of the chief criticisms conservative pundits are starting to voice about the next possible GOP candidate for President.  Chief among them: The waiting game, the electability issue, and the fanatical nature of some of Palin’s more diehard fans – which Erickson compares to the PaulBots.  In the interest of fairness, at that same Memeorandum link are rebuttals to the criticisms from Stacy McCain and Professor Jacobson, among others......   [Read More]

Saturday Engine Starter: Has Sarah Palin officially gone “RINO”?

Before we get started with this, and before the diehard Palinistas take offense, I need to state for the record that I – a Palin fan and frequent defender – almost always use the term “RINO” with my tongue firmly implanted in my cheek, as I believe the term has become as overused and abused and watered-down as the word “racist.” Today is no exception......   [Read More]