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VIDEO: Zimmerman legal team O’Mara & West talk #gztrial, media frenzy on Hannity

If you haven’t watched any post-Zimmerman verdict interview, you really should watch this one.  Last night, Sean Hannity interviewed Mark O’Mara and Don West, the attorneys for George Zimmerman, and they discussed the trial theatrics, the media frenzy that got us here, and the rogue prosecution and their potentially unlawful conduct prior to trial......   [Read More]

Richard Cohen: In #gztrial aftermath, it’s time America STOPPED ignoring urban crime

My mind has been a mosh pit of thoughts on this topic ever since the story of the tragic confrontation between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman first hit the national spotlight, and my thoughts on urban crime have increased tenfold in the aftermath of Zimmerman’s “not guilty” verdict.  Our President, the DOJ, and the other Usual Race-Baiting Suspects like Rev. Al and Jesse  have continued to make the Zimmerman case as one about self defense and gun laws, and – of course – racism, ignoring the fact that Zimmerman used his gun lawfully in defense of his person, and also conveniently side-stepping the fact that all signs point to Zimmerman not coming remotely close to being a racist (he was a mentor to black teens, for starters)......   [Read More]