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OKC Tornado

#HeadlineWatch: 24 hours after #OKtornado, MSM springs into full bias mode

Saw some of this last night on Twitter with “insta-reax” from so-called “unbiased journalists” wondering just minutes after the tragedy struck Moore, OK whether or not those cold-hearted Republicans expressing their thoughts and prayers would be calling for “offsets” to pay for rebuilding efforts in Oklahoma.  Literally, some of these same journalists said either nothing or not very much at all about the devastation in Moore outside of – you guessed it – playing politics with the horrific natural disaster in order to sideswipe the GOP in a time of tragedy.  Sadly, in the light of day today, this didn’t change -it only got worse as reporters across America who write for major news publications wrote full articles insinuating hypocrisy by GOP politicos who opposed Sandy aid money without offsets announcing they were on board with “whatever it took” to help the victims in Moore, OK.  A quick search at Google News produced these (predictable) results:.....   [Read More]