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Ivan’s path slowly changes

The southernmost tip of Florida thankfully looks like it’s going to be spared. Good news for my friends in southern FL, as they’ve been through enough this past month with Charley and Francis. However, if you look up at the top of the photo, where it says "Thu p.m." – just about a fourth of an inch to the "west" of that wording is yours truly. 😯 Hoping this thing will somehow die out at sea but that’s highly unlikely. Northern FL, AL, GA, TN, SC and NC look to be Ivan’s prime targets. The area I’m in hasn’t seen a hurricane of high magnitude since Hurricane Hugo . Many here were without power for over a month. My family was fortunate enough to have power restored back after two weeks. Here’s a brief write up of how it affected North Carolina: .....   [Read More]

Rock you like a hurricane Charley

The full force of Hurricane Charley bore down on the western coast of FL earlier this evening and is moving northeastward, possibly to this area (Charlotte, NC). Got friends in Naples, Sarasota, and Tampa. Sheesh! My last contact with my friend in Naples (around 4ish EST), the power was out and she’d had a screen blown off her window. Very windy and extremely rainy. I hope all is well there. Stay safe friends! Here’s the latest look:.....   [Read More]