Tammy Bruce’s Blog

As I have written before in the posts I’ve noted at the end of this one, I am a big fan of author/columnist/talk show host Tammy Bruce.  Her books are eye openers, especially in terms of the culture wars.   I wrote this about her about a month ago:

I’m a big fan of her writing.  The first book by her that I read – The Death of Right and Wrong – was incredibly eye opening and is a must-read those of you interested in reading up on how and why our culture is being eroded by those who want to blur or erase the distinction between good and evil & right and wrong.  I’m not kidding you when I say your eyes will be opened wider then they ever have been when you read about some of the issues she brings up we face today with respect to the culture war.  Hint: it’s worse than we think it is.

I’m happy to see that she now has a blog :) Check it out here

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