Chris Matthews: Other side isn’t evil

Posted by: ST on November 21, 2005 at 3:21 pm

Hold on to your jaw – it will likely drop after reading this one:

Four years after 9/11 and the “crazy zeitgeist” that permeated the United States, most Americans have still not learned to know their enemies instead of just hating them, U.S. political journalist Chris Matthews says.

In a speech to political science students at the University of Toronto yesterday, the host of the CNBC current affairs show Hardball had plenty of harsh words for U.S. President George W. Bush, as well as the political climate that has characterized his country for the past few years.

“The period between 9/11 and Iraq was not a good time for America. There wasn’t a robust discussion of what we were doing,” Matthews said.

“If we stop trying to figure out the other side, we’ve given up. The person on the other side is not evil — they just have a different perspective.”

I want to see the full text of this speech just to make sure the Sun didn’t take it out of context. I just don’t want to believe Chris Matthews would actually believe something like this.

Hat tip: Jason at Generation Why?

Michelle Malkin provides the proper perspective.

Update: Blackfive has read the whole piece and says that nothing was taken out of context.

Shame on you, Chris Matthews.

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  • 14 Responses to “Chris Matthews: Other side isn’t evil”


    1. John says:

      Substitute Pro-life clinic bomber for “Iraqi insurgent” in every New York Times or Chris Matthews diatribe and ask yourself if the leftists in question would claim “they’re not evil, they’re just different” or claim that continued violence demands we surrender or at least have a cease fire so we can “understand their motives”.

      Can’t do it? Of course not. If a band of nut cases went around knee capping abortionists and their political supporters the Left would demand instant and eternal jihad against not only the trigger men but anyone remotedly related to them. They wouldn’t have therapuetic sessions demanding restraint while asking “why do they hate us so much?”. They wouldn’t insist Public schools teach Pro-Life theory or role-play to “understand” pro-lifer’s. No. They’d make damn sure that every day’s news was filled with vitriol and disdain for pro-lifers, and hunt them down for public pillory and a renewed lust for public executions. But then, abortion is their holy idol whereas American security at home and abroad is not.

    2. – Ok kids… settle down…. todays phrase is “yes dear”…. can you say “yes dear” and use it in a sentence….

      – Sistah – apparently Mathews sweet, very very conservative wife, finally has had enough, and is starting to use words like “headache” and “hide-a-bed”….

      – Good luck with that Chris… LMAO

      – Bang 🙄

    3. WildPonyMom says:

      Wait … lemme get my bong. I think I’m gonna need some “herbal” therapy to understand this one 🙄

    4. steve says:

      “proper perspective”, isn’t that like saying: “and here’s what to believe”? Malkin is a neo-con apologist who appears to feel that war is a great way to make friends and influence enemies. Stop the war in Iraq. Peace

    5. ttyler5 says:

      The Hardball is between Chris Matthews’ ears!

    6. stackja says:

      Chris Matthews should read history about the evils of the past. Now not Tojo or Hitler, but still evil philosophies.
      “The “Unconditional Surrender” Announcement Strategic Planning 1943-44 On 24 January the President [FDR] and the Prime Minister [WSC] held a press conference on the lawn of the President’s villa. By unconditional surrender, the President explained with emphasis, he did not mean the destruction of the peoples of Germany, Italy, and Japan, but the destruction of the evil philosophies that had taken hold in those lands. [60 Churchill, Hinge of Fate, pp. 686-87.]”
      Mass Suicides – Death Before Capture
      Saipan 1944 “The civilian population on Saipan numbered close to 30,000. Twenty-two thousand were Japanese — though most came from the prefecture of Okinawa and were ethnically distinct from other Japanese. The rest consisted of Korean slave laborers and the original inhabitants of the island — the Carolinians and the Chamorro. As the battle of Saipan reached its final days, Japanese soldiers and panicked civilians made their way north to Marpi Point. Here, despite repeated calls by the U.S. military to surrender, civilians chose death by jumping off cliffs or drowning themselves in the sea. They had been led to believe that surrender would mean murder, rape and torture at the hands of U.S. forces.”
      Remove evil root and branch “not know their enemies”.

    7. benning says:

      Where’s the surprise here? Jeepers, ST, you oughta know by now. This isn’t new. Just more ‘out there’ than before.

    8. Bachbone says:

      Steve, have you read any of Michelle Malkin’s blog or columns? If not, you would be surprised to find that she has been highly critical of many “neo con” and Bush decisions and actions. She’s not a “one-note Johnny” who believes everything is black or white.

    9. ArizonaTeach says:

      There’s a debate going on at the Straight Dope about Chris Matthews, who apparently tells people he’s a Republican, if he truly is. Now I know for a fact that he’s funnin’ us…I mean, he’s gotta be…because…ain’t no WAY.

    10. – His wife is a staunch Republican….He is a registered Dem….. guess who win that debate…..lolol

      – Bang

    11. docdave says:

      Chris should go to Iraq and consort with the ‘other side’ and then see what kind of perception he has just before they ‘the other side’ lops off his head.

    12. I just wonder what has gotten into him? He’s gotten more unreasonable by the year.