Anti-war crowd fights military recruiters in schools

No, this is not about San Francisco – but Seattle, WA:

SEATTLE β€” When military recruiters march into any Seattle high school, they could find themselves in a war of words. Under new district guidelines, schools must allow anti-military groups to “counter-recruit” right next to them

“There might be good reasons to die for things, but there’s no good reason to kill for anything,” said Amy Hagopian, the mother of a senior at Garfield High School and the co-chairwoman of the PTSA, which passed a resolution seeking to ban the military from all Seattle schools.

Before the school board could act on the request, she berated an Army recruiter who showed up at Garfield High, told the soldier he was not welcome and waved pictures of Iraq war casualties in his face.

That incident followed a confrontation at a Seattle community college, where war protesters chased a recruiter off campus.

“It’s something we have to deal with out here as recruiters because there’s a lot of teachers and people in Seattle that just don’t like the military being in the schools,” said Sgt. James Ramsey, an Army recruiter in the area.

To add to what Sgt. Ramsey said, there are lots of teachers and people in Seattle who just don’t like the military – PERIOD. Yet these same folks who advocate nonsense like this no doubt expect the US military to defend them when there is a threat. Same same for the majority in San Francisco.

So I guess the people who who are on board with this sort of thing still support the troops – just as long as they come from someone else’s city. And on a related note on the west coast, specifically in Los Angeles, they support helping students with transportation to a political rally … as long as it’s an anti-Bush rally.

SSDD on the left coast. I admire the conservatives there who are fighting the good fight in spite of that steep uphill climb they face in the form of countering the anti-war, Bush-hating left.

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