Hats off to the Daily Tarheel

You’ll rarely see me praise the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, mainly because it’s against my religion (I’m a Duke Blue Devils fan all the way ;) ) but I’ve got to take my hat off to them this morning for printing their own Mohammed cartoon – not any of the ones that have sparked such an uproar – but one that has already caused quite a stir in and around what is arguably North Carolina’s most liberal college campus.

(Hat tip to fellow North Carolinian Lorie Byrd)

In the meantime, the Washington Post explains why they won’t be reprinting the Mohammed cartoons. Hmpfh.

Related: Glenn Reynolds/Instapundit tells CNN that they have “blown it” but refusing to show the Mohammed cartoons.

Update: Mark in Mexico points to a spot-on cartoon from the NY Post.

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