Michael Yon: Haditha in context

This amazing insight into how our troops operate with extreme care in a warzone so as to prevent as many innocent civialian casualties as possible is something that you will never, ever get from the anti-military rush-to-judgment focus-on-the-negative MSM.

If you read nothing else on Haditha, please read what Yon says about it in the context of how our troops work so hard to avoid civilian casualties – oftentimes at the expense of their own lives.

Our media seem to relish trying to paint negatively with a broad brush our fine men and women serving in the military (this cartoon at Cox and Forkum says it best) which is one of the reasons I thank God for good military writers like Michael Yon. The liberal media and Democrats in Washington try to make it where you only get one side of the story, but Yon is always there to make sure you get a more complete picture. My hat is off to him.


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