Larry Johnson is a jerk, part 2

Johnson, as you’ll recall, is the guy who wrote that it was no “small wonder” why Karl Rove’s mother killed herself, what with having Karl as a son and all.

He’s still busy being a jerk, this time to George at the Seixon blog (which is a top notch blog as far as I’m concerned, FWIW). SeeDubya at the Junkyard Blog has details of the exchange and here George explains why Johnson acts like such a, well, johnson, towards him and others who defend the admin against the kind of bogus charges (of the “Bush lied!!! Rove outed Valerie Plame!!!”) he thinks he can get away with making without being challenged on.

The ‘argument’ Johnson has made towards George is, essentially, that if you are a man and you defend GWB, you’re gay. Here’s a bit of an email exchange between George and Johnson:

[Johnson]: “I sincerely hope you are staying on your meds. You are not a Bush partisan yet you think it your mission in life to defend George Bush. What is it? A latent homosexual man crush?

George laughed off Johnson’s attempt to paint him as a “girly man” (with a heavy emphasis on the “girly” part) and just went right on refuting ‘points’ that Johnson has tried to make in the past. But the fact that Johnson had to stoop to the level of insinuating that George was a Bush-lover in the most extreme just shows how very little character the man has and, more importantly, how little he has to offer in terms of substantive debate. That was readily apparently when he took an incredibly cheap shot at conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer in an anti-war pro-Cindy Sheehan piece he wrote last July (emphasis added):

Take wheelchair bound Charles Krauthammer’s recent vicious attack:

There was, of course, no reason whatsoever to mention the fact that Krauthammer is wheelchair bound. Another attempt at personal insult because there was little, if any substance, to that particular piece he wrote (or for that matter, anything he says).

Johnson, a former CIA officer who came down on the side of Ambassador Joe Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame-Wilson on the “who outted my wife” debate, claims he’s a registered Republican who voted for Bush in 2000. At that time, apparently, he was a “girly man” (note: that was a joke!). However, since le affaire de Plame made national headlines, Johnson has steadfastly come out on the side of the Wilsons and furthermore has made it clear that he believes Bush lied about the intelligence used to start the war in Iraq (the Google link I included in the first paragraph will take you to some of the articles he’s written). From that, you can pretty well guess that he quickly became a darling for the Bush-hating anti-war element of the Democratic party, so much so that he delivered the Democratic radio address one week in July last year (which I blogged about here).

Johnson’s just another in a long line of punks and do-no-gooders the radical element of the Democratic party chooses to ally itself with. Remember that next time you see him on any of the talking head shows. The hosts of those programs aren’t likely to question his remarks about Krauthammer or Rove.

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