Rudy in 2008

Posted by: ST on August 29, 2006 at 6:36 pm

John Hawkins notes that former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani has been getting some favorable attention from conservative corners recently and in response, writes a post in which he lays out his case against Rudy being the Republican nominee for president in 2008.

What do you think?

Sidenote: John wrote a similar piece on Sen. John McCain back in March.

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    1. Lorica says:

      I am in complete agreement. The logic of the religious right toward Giuliani will be that there is no difference between him and almost any Dem, so why vote for a Dem or a Dem imposter. The problem with voting for the lesser of 2 “evils” is…. you are still voting for evil. I use that only in the sense of the proverbial. I am not calling Giuliani evil.

      I am certain, much like Ronald Reagan, someone will come out of the crowd. Alot of the problem is that no one wants to take the punishment that GW has taken. The constant lying, the accusations, the total obstructive attitude of Dem leadership, who wants to deal with this?? So who exactly is this attitude hurting??? All of us. Dems need to step back and look at the division their tactics & extremism have caused. They need to re-evaluate their platform to maybe give in to some of the more socially conservative desires of those of us on the right. They throw out anyone of true faith or on the conservative side Zell Miller, Joe Lieberman, being the most recent.

      I pray everyday for a candidate that can bring us together. Alot of GW’s problems are that he just won’t get forceful. He is always trying to come up with a compromise, which shows his noble character. But it is time, we need more leadership, less compromise. The present Dem leadership has lead their party so very far in the wrong direction, I pray they can see this and bring their side back to being reasonable. – Lorica

    2. Marshall Art says:

      I second that. With all his leftward leanings, what’s to say he’s as tough on security issues as he should be as president? In that chair, he may side with those who question the intel strategies with which Bush is struggling to continue. I’d like to see real conservatives who desire a shot start now to grab national attention. With what awaits on the left, I’m not as confident that the right will prevail, particularly when you hear so many say they won’t vote because of Bush’s shortcomings. So the true conservatives, who understand what is at stake at this point in history, really need to get on with it now. Giuliani? McCain? No thank you.

    3. Chris says:

      McCain is a person non grata. Especially after his Bush lied, people died press statements last week. You can disagree with Bush on issues, including Iraq. But to take the Michael Moore “misled, lied, decieved, etc” attacks makes you worthless. Any support he had building in the Southeast is gone. As for Rudy, well, let’s see. Pro abortion, that becomes sort of moot if Bush gets another pick or 2 for the court as is rumored he might. Pro gay rights. Well, so am I. No right in the constitution should be denied any American. Gays want to speak, worship, carry guns, etc. Hey have at it. As for marriage, well, that’s not the burning issue people think it is. Adam marrying Steve becomes moot when mushroom clouds start appearing. Swiss cheese borders: Bush is putting 2 border agents in jail for returning fire on a drug dealing (caught with 500 plus pounds of pot) illegan alien. The feds went into Mexico to find the guy and offered him immunity to testify against the agents. The illegal alien drug dealer was hit by one of the shots and is now sueing the government for 5 mil. The LaRaza folks would be proud. Rudy says he wants a border fence. I believe him more than I do McCain.

      The biggest issue is fighting terrorism and Rudy’s appeal is that he will. He is a leader. A good one. He turned New York city around. That’s more impressive than governing most states. As of now, no republican running besides McCain and Rudy can beat the hildabeast. McCain is a spineless shifter. He cannot be trusted. Rudy, for all his warts, has people’s trust. I think he can win the nomination. If he does, he’ll shred the hildabeast. It won’t be close. Even if a couple red states turn in the south, Rudy would carry New York and Pennsylvania and maybe Michigan. That’s almost as much as the entire southeast minus Florida (which he would carry as well). Can you say Game Over?

      Other than McCain and Rudy, none of the others has a chance of winning in the general. Seriously, name me one that has indicated they were running that can. Newt? Maccaca Allen? Romney? Not going to happen. I can think of only one person, who has not announced, who could run and take the nomination in a walk and take Hilary down hard. Unfortunately, JC Watts won’t run. Maybe we could draft him.

      Who else is there? Condi? Jeb?

      Rudy is better than Hilary to me

    4. Big Bang Hunter says:

      I’ve seen Giuliani in action under the worst possible conditions, as most of america has. He’s a hard hitter, and I doubt very much that he would be a softie on terror given what he’s seen up close and personal. Of everyone on the national scene that I’ve looked at, he would be my 2nd pick, with Condi as first. True he has a few Liberal kinks, but overall I think he’s so far right of left he’s more like a independent, or far left conservative, one of the old school type Liberals that bare no resemblance to the Marxist swine that call themselves Liberal these days.

      – Bang **==

    5. CZ says:

      Since national security is the single most important issue of all he is the top man for that job. Is he a staunch conservative? No. But he is definitely a leader.

      We need the best leader, somone with guts to make the make hard decisions quickly, correctly and most of all with conviction.

      Rudy would not only continue to take the fight to the enemy he would bring it to an end faster than anyone.

      If he maintains status quo on hot issues like abortion and gun control we could do a lot worse than Rudy. He would be my pick of the obvious bunch.

      As far as finding another <):)Reagan that’s asking a lot, good luck with that. But it sure would be nice.[-o<

    6. Drewsmom says:

      I agree with most of the above posters, sistertoldjah contributers all, as Britt Hume says, but I’m kinda leaning towards Rudi cuz I wanna win. It scares the pants off me to think of a demwit at the helm
      I am a Christian but I think its for God to judge peoples’s conduct and he will on that glorious day when we meet him. I think Rudi would cool some of left leaning jets if elected.
      McCain is a Rhino and Allen can’t win in my humble opinion and Condi doesn’t want the grief and I don’t blame her when they are drawing monkeys in her belly.
      I don’t think God would punish me if I voted for Rudi cuz he knows I don’t agree with murdering babies or gay marriage so I feel comfortable voting for him.
      Thats my story, and I’m stickin to it.**==:d

    7. sanity says:

      Trouble is getting them to run.

      Condi has flat out said she doesn’t want it, though she would definately be the first woman, a woman of color for president, and hard hitter I would think. The democrats would have a hard time trying to play the “race” card with Condi, but I am sure there would be plenty of offhanded “slave” references to the Republican party, uncle tom type indications..ect. The Democrats seem to want to say they are for people of color, but the uncle tom, derogatory drawings and slave talk coming from the Democrats not the republicans.

      Rudi, the biggest thing that would go for him would be sympathy mainly on what happened on 9/11, and he would have many people who could relate in some way to this tragedy. Unfortunately he comes with some baggage I am sure the democrats would exploit, I believe he had an affair? I am sure the democrats also would steer most debate and such away from national security or terrorism, since this would put the spotlight on rudy in a good way I would think.

      Jeb Bush – Not going ot happen. While many think he would be perfect, the first thing out of hte democrats mouth will be The continuation of the BUSH Dynasty!! Plus he has flat out stated he doesn’t want it. Probably has seen what the media and democrats have pulled and said about both president bush’s that he has no want to put himself or his family through that sort of intense scrutiny, made up lies and dirt digging.

      McCain – I don’t know. I agree he is a RHINO and he is also a media whore. The whole mcCain / Fiengold debacle also made it a big joke. I don’t know, he just rubs me the wrong way for some reason…I think its the whole media whore thing. But I think e is learning the press is no longer in a love affair with McCain – unless of course he decides to bash bush that is.

      There has been some talk of Frist throwing his hat in hte ring also, and that he may have some pretty good support in the base of the Republicans. I don’t know much to comment on him so I won’t.

      One of the things that probably should be discussed is who would run as a Deomcrat besides perhaps a Hillary / Obama ticket?

      Kerry? HAHAHAHAHA
      Edwards? Snickers

      Who else do they have to offer?

    8. Tom TB says:

      I’m a native New Yorker, and lived a few blocks from Rudy when he was between jobs. I’ve also lived in CT, VT, CO, and NC, and I’m not sure that the people in “fly-over country” (as the people on both coasts snobbishly refer to middle America), will be receptive to Mayor Giuliani. No former NYC Mayor has ever been elected President, but then no former First Lady was ever elected Senator from New York!

    9. sanity says:

      but then no former First Lady was ever elected Senator from New York!

      Hmm speaking of which doesn’t she have to run a re-election for her seat before she can actually start campaigning (if that is her plan)?

      I have heard that many don’t like the idea she will run for re-election and then abandon those she represents when she is elected……so that may not play well with New Yorkers. I don’t know.

    10. benning says:

      I’d go with Bang’s statement. Giuliani and McCain are not Republicans that most Republicans can stomach. For all that I think McCain is the odder and more dangerous man – a power-hungry, loose cannon, first and foremost.

      Give us Condi, with Jeb as running mate.

    11. Lorica says:

      Keep hoping guys, I am sorry but in the views of the majority of the religious right Giuliani / Hillary are the same thing. The logic being, “How bad will the Republican Party allow things to get, before it comes to it’s senses”.

      Also, how many here voted for Lieberman??? He’s tough on security. Are you planning to vote for him if he runs in 08?? I will bet money the thought never even entered your minds. But there is no difference between Giuliani and Lieberman.

      Seems to me this “vote for Giuliani” a sign of desperation coming forth from us conservatives??? Would you vote for him if he raised taxes?? Well we have all heard the leftist mantra on that subject. How can a man who is pro-illegal immigration be that tough on security. It makes no sense to me. Everyone of us has a problem with what GW has wanted with illegal immigration, but with Rudy we have no problem??? Come on, take a serious look at this. This is not all about beating Hillary, this is about continuing what we know is the right thing to do. Yet we will give it all up to beat Hillary??? I would rather lose to Hillary than become her.

      Finally, How many good conservatives start to compromise to the left once they get to DC??? Have we ever heard of a leftist turning right once they get there??? It just ain’t going to happen. – Lorica

    12. Drewsmom says:

      Just had another thought, lets get behind Tancredo and what do yall think of Newt?:d

    13. Chris says:

      I see a vast difference between Rudy and Hilary. Corruption. I have never seen people arrested and put on trial simply becuase Rudy wanted his friends to have their jobs. I have not seen Rudy in posession of the private files of his political opponents. I haven’t seen a dozen or so friends of Rudy in jail. Gosh, I could go on forever. I guess what I am trying to say is Rudy may not be the ultimate conservative, but he does not have a corruption level rivaling satan. He also has a trust. That means something to a lot of people. Myself included. It’s why I could not vote McCain either. He’s not trustworthy and McCain Fiengold is a complete corruption of the constitution. He doesn’t want a border fence. He will say anything to get elected. If it winds up McCain vs Hilary, well, hello libertarian candidate.

      Rudy is an outsider, who cleaned up the city that was supposed to be unmanageable. He has said a lot of things that Bush is saying on immigration, yes. BUT as he said on Fox (I think it was O’Reilly), he would build an actual fence first. Without asking Mexico’s permission. He might be blowing smoke, but he doesn’t stike me as the say anything to get elected kind of person. I may disagree with how he wants to handle the illegals that are here, but he is the only one with a chance to be elected that has said, he would fence/wall the border. And I can guaran-darn-tee he would not jail 2 border agents for shooting at an illegal alien drug dealer.

      Lorica, you are right that it’s not about beating Hilary. I think McCain can do that. It’s about trusting the person you are voting for. I’m sorry, but despite the fact we don’t agree on some things, I trust Rudy. He’ll get my vote over McCain and Hilary.

      In all seriousness, I really don’t think we’re going to get another Reagan. He is from a time gone by. I thought JC Watts could be that guy. He’s not interested. No one else I can think of, fits that bill. Todays upcoming leaders are from a more socially liberal mindset. Gay issues, and abortion, and social programs are not a big deal to them. They are not going to be that single issue driven voting block. They come from a mindset where it’s more about personality and impressions and not about actions and substance. It’s sad, yes, but it’s the way it is.

    14. Chris says:

      One final post on this. Here’s something from Minnesota. Rudy was raising money for Mark Kennedy. Pay attention to the Q&A section where Rudy says: “I don’t understand how you cannot be for strict constructionist judges”


    15. Lorica says:

      That is alot of verbage to talk about my first paragraph Chris. I am only going to comment on your very last sentence. What is really sad is that although you know there is a problem, you will not fight the good fight to change it.

      I go back to my honor paragraph. We compromised our vision with GHWB, because he deserved the opportunity to be President after sitting under RR for 8 years. We got raised taxes when promised no new taxes. 4 years later we got a man so tired and worn out that he didn’t even want to run against WJC. What did we get then??? The longest 8 years of my entire life. We ran another Moderate against him and what happened. /shiver We got a man who thought he could do no wrong. You are not going to win elections by compromising with a moderate now.

      The people knew a great thing in Ronald Reagan, and they are smart enough to know they will never get him back, but look at the honor given to that man when he died. The majority of people want a conservative now we need to find one that fits that bill, and stop compromising.

      Drew’s Mom, I could not agree with you more. If conservatives would just get behind someone, that is all we need to do. The rest of the party would stand in agreement. Someone will come forth and be the annointed sucessor of GW. I like Newt. I think is is a shame that conservatives listened to the lies that were used to bring him down. Newt was the first in a long line of Republicans that were disabled due to the drive by media. He was effective, and was a good leader. He understands the needs of the religious right, and I think they would back him. If he wants to give it a go, I say back him. At least we know he is a conservative. – Lorica

    16. Marshall Art says:

      Certainly if it came down to Rudy vs (fill in your Dem here), I’d have to vote for the Rude one. But that’s what would hack me off. I don’t want to vote the lesser of two evils and I don’t want to vote to prevent the other guy. None of the “anyone but (fill in your Dem here)!” I want to vote FOR someone because that someone would be a good representative of what I believe is a great leader and president. Right now, that means a pick who can deal with the WOT, for sure, but not see social concerns as a distant second or less significant matter. A good prez doesn’t spend all his focus on one issue anyway, since he surrounds himself with good support staff and delegates. George ain’t running this war in a micro-manage sense. So as I said, I need to see contenders getting out there NOW and at least, defending conservative principles vociferously and with some level of pride. In my role as American little guy, I intend to, at every opportunity, voice my demand for someone to take up the baton and run like he wants it.

    17. Chris says:

      Well, I thought it was a lot of verbage for your first and third paragraphs. ;) No offense intened. I am just a wordy person.

      I do need to respond to your comment on my not fighting the good fight to change it. I fought that good fight. I went on the trail for Bush. I debated and argued for the man. After all, he was much more conservative than his dad. He won’t be a big spending moderate who would compromise with the democrats. Um, yeah. See there’s the rub. The “conservatives” we are getting now are turning into the democrats we ran against in the 80’s. Bush has gone to the left of Clinton in a lot of issues (border security, spending, government expansion) and all those “conservatives” we elected in the 90’s are going along with him. This quote from Bush sums it up nicely:

      “I told Rockey the first obligation of the federal government is to write a check big enough to help the people”

      Yes, he did cut taxes and yes he has been brilliant on the courts (Harriet aside) and yes, despite the fact the media is bent on messing it up, he has been right on defense (Iraq included). But look at everything else, including the broken campaign promises (vetoing McCain Feingold, cutting Dept of Ed, etc). It’s a mixed bag. I will fight that good fight again and again and again. I will look for that diamond in the rough, hoping for the next Reagan. If it is Newt vs Rudy, or Tancredo vs Rudy, well then Newt or Tancredo it is. However, if it comes down to it, and the last 2 up are Rudy vs McCain, for the reasons above, Rudy gets my vote.

      Anyway, it’s nearly 1. Time for bed. Good night everyone.

    18. Lorica says:

      If the Rudy vs. Hillary does play out, Rudy will have my vote too. 1 the trust factor is important to me. There is no reason to trust Hillary. But, I will work against this at every possiblity.

      Chris I did not intend to offend and I am sorry if I slighted you in any way. Or anyone else. I do apologies. – Lorica

    19. Lorica says:

      Hey Here’s a thought. Let’s start a letter writing campaign to JC Watts. If he got 20,000,000 letters I bet he would seriously think about running. =)) – Lorica

    20. Chris says:

      Oh, you didn’t offend me Lorica. I was having a great time. I love good fired up discussions. I only signed off because it was almost 1 and my wife was standing at the outlet preparing to pull the cord while giving me that same 3 count she gives the kids when she’s irritated. Last night was fun. I loved it. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you and your opinions. It was a good clean discussion fervent. Can’t ask for better than that.

      As for JC Watts, I am all for that. I really do think he would be the next Reagan. Ever since I saw a couple of his house floor speeches in the 90’s I’ve had so much respect for him. He also writes a column which provides a great insight into him. Located here.

      I especially loved his Would Jesus go to War column. We could do a lot worse that JC for prez.

      Unfortunately for me, work is calling. Database admins have some of the craziest hours. So I have to sign off early. Rats going to miss the game. Have a good night everyone.

      Oh, and ST: GO PANTHERS! Last preseason game of the year!!! Kickoff in 10 days! Woo Hoo!

    21. Chris says:

      Ya know, what good is a preview if you don’t use it. Please fix the line in the above post with “It was a good clean *fervent discussion*.” It’s what I get when I’m trying to do work and fun at the same time. See y’all tomorrow!