Distortion of the facts: It’s the anti-war hate-Bush way

The far left has proven quite adept at distorting the facts on any given issue in order to ‘prove’ their ‘rightnesss’ on various issues, but no issue on their list is bigger than the ‘facts’ as they report them about the Iraq war, Bush’s handling of it, etc.

Right now, the latest poll I’ve read on approval of Bush’s handling of the Iraq war is that 63% disapprove (per the Newsweek 8/24-25/06 poll). What that means to you and me, and others who have reading comprehension skills higher than a third grader is exactly what it says: 63% of the American people think Bush is poorly handling the Iraq war.

On the other hand, what does that translate into for the anti-war hate-Bush left? One or both of the following things:

1) Those 63% now believe Bush “lied!!!!!!!!” to get us into Iraq and no longer support the Iraq war and/or
2) Those 63% believe we should leave Iraq “now!!!!!!!!!”

Those who aren’t blinded by Bush hatred know that there is a difference between those who disapprove of the handling of the Iraq war and those who think that Bush lied and we should pull out now. Of course conflating the two is a not-so-sly attempt by the far left to try and distort the issue of those who are unhappy with Bush’s handling of Iraq versus those who think Bush “lied!!!!!” and who also want us to cut and run. It’s a cheap attempt at trying to inflate the numbers of people who agree with the cut and runners and a cheap attempt at trying to say that Rummy, et al – by slamming those who would advocate that we leave too soon – are also criticizing those who merely criticize the handling of this war. That’s another distortion made by the far left, and it’s done so in an attempt to ‘prove’ to people that the admin is trying to “stifle our free speech rights by labelling anyone who criticizes the war as an Islamofascist sympathizer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Again, that’s not something that’s happening, but the far left continues to repeat it as though continuing to do so will ‘make it true.’

Another way the far left tries to distort the facts is the way they go about trying to prove that Bush “lied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” about the rationale for the Iraq war. But when pressed for an explanation, what the far left ends up doing is lying about what he said. Amazing, eh? You try to prove someone lied about something, and have to lie about what they said in order to ‘prove’ it. It’s a strange, strange world the anti-war Bush-hating cultists live in when they have to invent their own version of reality and then turn around to try and disprove it.

All of this is done in an effort by the Nutrootians to put pressure on Congress to get Bush to pull out of Iraq, because in their minds a defeat for Bush in Iraq is a defeat for – well, Bush. While that would be true, what they ignore is that a defeat for Bush in Iraq would not only be a defeat for him, but a defeat for America in the war on terrorism as well – but the ends justifies the means to the far left, so distorting (lying, really) the facts is not a big deal to them, even if it comes at the price of the United States losing face in Iraq. Priority one is getting Bush to admit to “failure” in Iraq and following that a shameful pullout of our forces there. That would be a feather in the caps of the hate-Bush cultists in the Democratic party who see nothing wrong sacrificing our national security at the altar of partisan politics, even as the enemy still fights for the control and submission of the west (more on that here).

It’s a warped, reprehensible mindset the far left clings to, but one that is taking root, nevertheless – if the CT primary is any indication.

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