Senator Pat Leahy: a historical retrospective

Posted by: ST on September 29, 2006 at 10:10 am

Sort of ;)

Update: In other Congressional news – this time, the not so funny kind – Rep. Jack Murtha won’t be happy to see this. (Hat tip: Leo Pusateri at B4B)


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3 Responses to “Senator Pat Leahy: a historical retrospective”


  1. – The Democrats, as a group. continue this morning to amplify the very reasons of why they would be so singularly ill-suited to lead the US in the WOT. N. Polosi, and others, responded to president Bush’s powerful, clear speech, in which he once again outlined the dangers we face, by saying that the administration is in “denial”. I think the denial is clearly in the Democrat camp, not with the adminsitration. Coming on the heals of 6+ long years of Democrat obstructionism, and attemps to hobble every tool we have in fighting the Jihadist movement, it sounds a bit strange to hear her talk about “using every aspect available too us to fight this war.” Apparently the Dhimmies have some secret “plan”, unknown to the rest of us, which I suspect centers on Zell Millers “spit balls”.

    – In the mean time, the Dem position seems to reside squarely in the conflicted idea that we should “get out of Iraq yesterday, but we need more troops on the ground there”. If someone can make any sense out of this proclamation, I would be happy to listen to their idea’s.Tto me it sounds the same as it always has. “We simply don’t want to face the enemy”.

    – As Bush said “the Democrats continue to be the party of obstruction, and second guessing, contributing no idea’s or support in the ongoing WOT. The Party of FDR and Truman, has become the party of “cut and run”.

    – Good for him. As I said in a past post. the Reps should use this issue to roll over the Dem appeasers like a Mac truck. Their bankrupt idea’s endangers all of our futures and safety, and springing from partisan lust for power as they do, are
    not only childish, and naive’, but totally unworkable.

    – Listen to the Democrats, and we will be fighting terrorism in the main streets of America in due time.

    – Bang **==

  2. Karl says:


    This is interesting for sure. (the Murtha Abscam bit)

  3. Drewsmom says:

    Wow, I’m waiting with baited breath for spittin chrissy matthews, fired ass olbemann, alan devil brows colmes and all of cnn to play this … and I’m more then sure c-left spin spann will pay it for the folks.
    Good Lord, these guys were cussin like sailors.
    The hipocracy will be OVERWHELMING.
    Butt:(|)‘s …. if the Repulicans can’t make use of this I give up.:-ss