Bush’s and Rove’s confidence that GOP will win next month leads the left to cooking up conspiracy theories, and a call to “take to the streets”

Posted by: ST on October 20, 2006 at 9:59 pm

I was waiting for this to happen.

When I read this article from the Washington Times two days ago, where Karl Rove expressed confidence that we were going to retain the House and Senate, and this one from last Sunday where the Washington Post reported that both Bush and Rove were “upbeat” about next month’s elections, I said to myself “how long will it be before someone on the left cooks up a conspiracy theory that all this confidence means that Rove and Bush have either 1) engineered an October surprise and/or 2) gotten Diebold to ‘assure’ us that we will ‘win’ the elections next month?”

It didn’t take long. Via Lyn Davis Lear at the HuffPo (emphasis added):

All week I’ve been reading in disparate sources from Drudge to US News and World Report about Bush, Rove and Cheney being overly confident about the midterm elections. Even Republican strategists are increasingly concerned because the White House doesn’t have a plan if they lose. This lack of planning shouldn’t surprise anyone, but if you really think about it a creepy, crawly feeling grows in your gut.

Here are some questions: Are these guys simply narcissistic idiots Rove-ing around in some never-never land bubble or do they know something we don’t? Have they planned a grab bag nose punch of an October/November surprise? Or have Diebold, ES&S, and local state secretaries assured them that they will do “whatever it takes” to get a Republican Congress elected again? Or are they just planning to outspend us? Karl Rove recently told the Washington Times, “For most Americans, particularly the marginal voters who are going to determine the outcome of the election, it started a couple of weeks ago… Between now and the election we will spend $100 million in target House and Senate races in the next 21 days”. That is $30 million a week in 15 or 16 key races. Knowing this group, the answers must lie in a clever blitzkrieg [Note: Clever insertion of a Nazi reference, eh? It never fails. –ST] combo of all of the above.

When I asked Gore Vidal at dinner why the White House seemed so serene and at ease about the vote, he replied that, this time around, the Bush-Cheney henchmen could simply call on martial law. He glumly noted that we are so far down the road toward totalitarianism that, even if Democrats do win back the Congress, it would take at least two generations before the last six years of damage to the nation could be reversed. Gore frankly despaired that any amount of time could ever return the country to where and what it previously was. This prediction left me reaching for some Fernet Branca.

And her conversation with Gore Vidal has got me reaching for a gag bag. Continuing:

But whether it is hubris, loony tunes, or both, the White House’s freakish calm about the elections makes me as nervous as the hell we seem to be headed for. Therefore we should all be on alert. If for whatever reason we don’t win back Congress in November the only real answer will be to take to the streets.

Got that? It’s the same ol’ same ol’ we’ve come to expect from that far left, with the added threat of “taking to the streets” this time around if they lose. The comments section there at the moment is five pages long and counting, with a lot of ‘amens’ being thrown around amongst the choir.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, demonstrates the sheer denial of reality regarding the left more than their reactions to the last three elections they’ve lost: they were “stolen,” “rigged,” etc – can’t possibly be because Democrats have been rejected on the basis of their ideas (or lack thereof), can’t possibly be because a majority of the American people actually embraced Republican ideas, bbbbecause Americans couldn’t possibly be that stupid, could they? What the left can’t or won’t explain though, is that they haven’t just been losing elections since Bush was ELECTED President, they’ve been losing big since 1994 – but during the 1994, 96, and 98 elections we didn’t hear this massive outcry of election rigging – apparently Democrats losing elections in the 90s had nothing to do with Republicans officials acting nefariously throughout the country – and of course had nothing to do with a rejection of Democratic ideas, oh no – but once Bush came along the left finally found someone they could pin their losses on. For the party of “thinkers”, Democrats aren’t big on self-introspection – it’s always someone else’s fault.

My head hurts!One of the laughable things about the charge of Bush ‘stealing elections’ is that on one hand, the majority of the left looks at Bush as a clueless wonder, and have done so from day one. To them, he’s inept in everything he does – yet somehow “Dumbya” knows how to mastermind ‘stealing elections’! They’ve never been able to explain how on one hand he’s the world’s biggest idiot, yet on the other hand has managed to orchestrate election fraud on a widespread scale. Probably because this, like so many of their other inconsistencies, is something they can’t explain.

The “taking to the streets” angle in response is something new, though, and unlike the charge of ‘stealing elections’, it’s not laughable. The far left’s inability to accept defeat and being out of power during the Bush years via the democratic process hasn’t boiled over to massive waves of violence – yet. We may find out next month whether or not it will. Democratic websites like the HuffPo are already laying the groundwork – just in case.

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  • 210 Responses to “Bush’s and Rove’s confidence that GOP will win next month leads the left to cooking up conspiracy theories, and a call to “take to the streets””


    1. Baklava says:

      GWR. That’s about all I could do with Human Events with him as he couldn’t comprehend it!! :o

      Oh. Come on. That was funny.

    2. Severian says:

      Bak, I think the reason Keith is so strident and persistent in making his inane arguments is that he is trying to convince himself not us. Subconciously, he knows he has aligned himself with the party of hate and intolerance, and he’s desperately trying to maintain his illusions that his is the party of love and peace, despite all evidence to the contrary.

    3. - Ok, well I wouldn’t go with the idiot tag. I think you’re more of the willfully ignorant clan, driven by your ideological brain washing. BTW, again I’m amused. You grabbed for the “victum card” in your Liberal deck, when no one else had even mentioned that. Do you guys ever change the shuffle, or is that list all you ever have?. Just wondering.

      – But about the election let me set you straight on that. It’s a win-win from my standpoint, regardless of the outcome. to wit:

      – If the Reps maintain. Fine. We’ll really step up the pressure on them for changes in Iraq, real border security instead of lip service, and continued prosperity and a good healthy economy.

      – If the Dembulbs eke out a win in the house, they’ll be exposed finally. By that I mean they won;t be able to use excuse that “they’re not in charge” anymore, or avoid the real issues, and the fact they have no ideas, zero, in their political wagon. After two years of watching the Dem led Clown-car house, willy nilly “investigations”, attempts to raise all sorts of taxes, no real alternatives on Iraq, zero border control options other than worker amnisty ect, and most probably a braindead attempt to impeach a President who’s only crime is to do the best he can in the face of an obstructive, beligerant, Dem party, who wants to take away every tool we have to fight the Jihadists, I think it will just be “all the rope you need to haang yourselves” just in time for ’08.

      – So no. I have no reason whatsoever to be “worried”. I’m sure the Dhimmi’s will prove to be their own worse enemy, just as they always do.

      – Bang **==

    4. Keith says:

      So Severian, now we are talking about a college professor making stupid remarks about WTC victims –where does that come from? The point Severian is that your comparison does not, and never will fit, you are cheapening what took place in Germany for your own political agenda so that you can feel like the victim. You are just too young and immature to acknowledge that the two events could never compare — other than you want to think that there is some huge leftwing plot to disrupt Republican campaigns.

      You insult real tradegy when you insist on making this stuff up. You need a boogie man to campaign against. Only all the boogie men — the DeLays, Neys, Cunninghams, Foleys, and Sherwoods are on the other side.

      And, when you cannot win on points you start hurling insults. I repeat, how old are you?

    5. Keith says:

      Severian wrote, “Subconciously, he knows he has aligned himself with the party of hate and intolerance, and he’s desperately trying to maintain his illusions that his is the party of love and peace, despite all evidence to the contrary.”

      LOL….boy, can I have some of the drugs that you are on?

    6. - Keith, I’m an original multigenrational Jooooo. I have 128 relatives (at least) sleeping in the ashes of concentration camps. I’m telling you your thinking is muddleheaded and flawed. and don’t start with the age crapolla. I could roll you over my knee and paddle you son. Give it up. As Bill Murry would say, you’ve been “faced”.

      – Bang **==

    7. Baklava says:

      The funny this is that conservatives know that the majority of rank and file liberals and even some liberal leaders are “well intentioned”. But we know it’s better to teach a man to fish than just give the fish and we just think our solutions to the problems at hand are better. Liberals are not evil, molestors, violent, etc generally. In every big organization there will be those that are.

      Unfortunately for liberals they have allowed themselves generally speaking to be convinced that conservatives are mean spirited, evil, anti-environment, racist, sexist, lying, molestors, etc. On every issue their belief seems to be that we don’t “care” and that our ideas is based on indifference.

      We do care of course but we differ on how we a) define the problem and b) want to solve the problem

      Hate is something people need to try to shed in order to communicate effectively, comprehend messages and have good judgment. I do not feel/think that any of us here are operating on hate except for Keith.

      Some of us (including myself) are bewildered, amused, bored, furrowing our eyebrows at what we are reading and saddened but what can you do with an individual who thinks the way he does? Getting through is an impossibility…

    8. Keith says:

      It would seem to me Bang, that if you are Jewish that you would see the difference between Kristallnach and the breaking of a campaign office window. Unless you drank the goy kool aid. Do you go to services? I think you should bring this up with your Rabbi. Is that how you met your friend Tammy?

    9. - Your insults are feeble son. You’re simply out of your league, speaking about things you know nothing about, and acting like a contrite child when you get bounced on your butt for it. Anyone that could sit for days trying to argue against something thats patently obvious to everyone with working brain cells, should just let it go. even your insults are simpleton level.

      – ST tries to show great patience with idiotarian trolls such as yourself. We all do. But as per normal you’re not really interested in honest exchange of opposing views, won’t listen to anyone else’s point of view, taking the usual “absolutist” position the Left is famous for, and therby remains an uninfluential movement because of it. So you’re simply incapable of learning. A fool in search of the foolish. I shant waste anymore time with you. Come back if and when you ever grow up.

      – Bang **==

    10. Baklava says:

      It wasn’t “the breaking of a campaign office window” It was a list longer than my screen that listed intimidation. And we are saying to you that that’s where it starts. It starts somewhere. That IS recognizing a difference. The mass produced car started with a Model T. We know have a Lexus that will parallel park itself. There is a difference. None of us are saying that it is the SAME.


    11. - Actually Bak, although he doesn’t even know it, he’s right in one regard. Unlike the Left, there were no incidents of gun use by Der Fuhrer and his thugs, until well into Adolph’s Riechstenfuhren campaign. so in that sense it is different. The Left is ahead of schedule.

      – Bang **==

    12. Keith says:

      Keep talking to one another….it will make you feel better.

    13. - Are you still here Keith? I thought maybe you had at least enough sense to know when you’d been trashed. Guess I overestimated you even in that.

      – Well he’s all your’s Bak. Obiedience school would be a good start, followed by some remedial English, and extensive history lessons. No politics for awhile until the “National Socialist” brainwashing wears off.

      – Bang **==

    14. Severian says:

      - Actually Bak, although he doesn’t even know it, he’s right in one regard. Unlike the Left, there were no incidents of gun use by Der Fuhrer and his thugs, until well into Adolph’s Riechstenfuhren campaign. so in that sense it is different. The Left is ahead of schedule.

      They’re just so precocious!

    15. Lorica says:

      Well Lorica, let me ask a few questions. When were the shots fired? During the working day or in the dead of night when no one was there? Do you logically assume that only Republican campaign offices were the targets of this type of activity? Have you ever considered that is some cases campaign operatives shoot out their own windows to gain free publicity and support? Did anyone actually go to jail for these actions? Tell the truth — do you know someone who is in jail for doing this type of thing. Grasp this Lorica — have you considered any of these options or are you just looking for something, anything, to be outraged about? Please respond.

      =)) You want my response Keith??? One I am not “outraged”. =)) Yeah I have thought about all those questions. In fact, I think it George W. Bush drove to Tennessee in the middle of the night to fire a few bullet holes into his own campaign office. And Karl Rove drove to Wisconsin to slash the tires of of rented get out to vote vans. He is such an evil genius. Cheney Drove all night to vandalize his own sign in California, and I heard he voted illegally for Arnold while he was there.

      What kind of pathetic low down ignorant answer is that?? Some Republican operative??? I think you are suffering from some serious transferrance problems. Did you see that list that was posted by Severan??? And all you can come up with “Republican Operatives”??? Then all YOU come back with that was done by the Republicans is mass phone calling??? Which according to your own web link, was ended by Republicans. I Don’t give a rats behind when the shots were fired, At anytime a fired gun can injure any one in the path of the bullet you fool. Let’s play the “what if” game that you want to play. What if the bullet killed someone??? Let’s get a grasp on the fact the violence of making a phone call NO WHERE NEAR EQUATES to the violence it takes to pull the trigger and fire a weapon. Please go buy a clue because you need serious help Keith. – Lorica

    16. Keith says:

      Well Lorica, you didn’t answer any of my questions — how many offices were fired at? How many were Democratic campaign offices? Was this just in 2004 or over a period of time? No, I don’t think that Dick Cheney drove to Tennessee to shoot up his own campaign office, he was too busy shooting up his friends.

      Your outrage over this seems totally contrived. You cannot answer my questions without resorting to silly insults.

      I repeat. These things happen in all campaigns — doesn’t make it right, but it happens. To turn this into some type of major leftist conspiracy doesn’t past the smell test. You can only be outraged for so long about things that you only imagine.

      I will check back with you to see just how many campaign offices the Democrats have destroyed over the next 15 days. So many offices, so little time.

    17. Baklava says:

      Yeah. How many Lorica? Was it one or 100? Because I’m not going to denounce the violence and intimidation until it’s 50. That’s my final offer! Deal or no deal…

      And was this in 2004 or was it also in 2002, 2000, and 1998. Because I’m not going to denounce it if it were spread over time. It’s to be expected over a period of time…

      These things happen. I don’t have to denounce it. In fact I will diminish these acts as silly boys will be boys pranks. WHo cares about a broken window…

      I see you saying this is some leftists conspiracy (even though you don’t use the word conspiracy – I know you are thinking the word conspiracy) and it doesn’t pass the smell test. These broken windows are nothing. Grow up. And take your medication…

      I will check back with you to see how many campaign offices the Democrats have destroyed because it has to be 50 and only in 2004….

      /end channeling Keith

      How did I do? Did I have him down pretty good? God, I loved that. That was so exhilirating. I felt so FREE to say whatever I want without any due diligence or care or compassion for anyone else. I think I want to channel Keith more often. Who’s with me?

    18. Great White Rat says:

      Well, anything you say you must be making up, and I’m not going to read any links you give me. Because Bill Maher said so!

      And you can’t compare shooting up buildings or assaulting people with making phone calls. You can’t talk about any of that because I’m a victim. Or am supposed to be related to one. And using the phone is worse than shooting. Besides, everyone knows that Georgie is slashing the tires. Dan Rather has the documents to prove it. And, oh yeah, Foley!!!

      /Keith mode off

      Hey Bak, you’re right!! This is fun!! :)

      No need to source anything, no need to stay on topic or even coherent, and no need to think!!

      You know, you oughta think about renting out your pet troll for entertainment at parties… =))

    19. Baklava says:

      I’d go broke =))

    20. Lorica says:

      I insulted someone??? How did I do that?? Keith I provided a link, it said 3 Republican offices, read the story and stop being stupid please. Good Lord do some research or are you going to force us to spoon feed you our whole lives. I read your story 3 times over. That is why I know what your story said. Purtty simple stuff there chief. – Lorica

    21. Keith says:

      So, Lorica, it was three Republican offices — and this is compared to Kristallnach? I agree with you finally. That is some “purtty” simple stuff.

      Here is something for your morning reading — unless you think the AP is part of the great leftist conspiracy world. It won’t be a very pleasant day for the House leadership.

      AP) The House Republican campaign chairman and the speaker of the House are likely to be at odds this week as they testify about the handling of ex-Rep. Mark Foley’s come-ons to male pages.

      Rep. Tom Reynolds, R-N.Y., set to appear before the House ethics committee Tuesday, has said he warned Speaker Dennis Hastert about Foley last spring.

      Hastert, expected to be questioned sometime this week, has said he doesn’t remember that conversation.

      A four-member ethics investigating panel is keeping key witnesses behind closed doors for hours as it tries to unravel conflicts over when and what Hastert and his staff learned about Foley’s conduct and what they did about it.

      Hastert’s chief of staff, Scott Palmer, spent more than six hours before the committee Monday. Palmer has disputed one account that he was warned about Foley in 2002 or 2003.

      Reynolds, head of the National Republican Congressional Committee, has said he spoke with Hastert last spring after learning of Foley’s overly friendly e-mails to a former Louisiana page, who was 16 at the time. Those e-mails were not sexually explicit.

      The speaker has said he can’t recall the Reynolds warning, and has contended he doesn’t remember having a separate conversation about Foley earlier this year with Majority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio. Boehner not only recalls speaking with Hastert, but said the speaker told him the page’s complaint “had been taken care of.”

      He sure did take care of that complaint — he swept it under the rug. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

    22. Severian says:

      I see brownshirt appologist Keith is still at it. The only difference between him and Maximilian Schell in “Judgement at Nuremburg” is that Shell was a LOT more eloquent.

    23. Baklava says:

      Off topic again Keith.

    24. Lorica says:

      When did I compare this to Kristallnach??? Clue….Kmart is having a blue light special on them Keith. I am out of this conversation, it is impossible to change the mind of a 5 year old child who just wants to stomp his feet and scream. Who can discuss anything with someone like this. “There is no one right, not even one, except Keith.” – Lorica

    25. mojo says:

      Oh yeah, a bunch of looney-tunes limo liberals “taking to the streets”, that’ll work. Too bad they don’t believe in firearms ownership, huh?


    26. Richard Cook says:

      To have the power that Rove has. Just to say “I’m confident” causes people to go insane. That is REAL power.

    27. Chip says:

      You’re right. We will take it to the streets after we win the majority of seats in the house and the senate.

      Your noble neo-conservative experiment to bomb Iraq into democracy and to win global domination is over. Your policy of selling fear to the American public is over. Your party is desperate. If all you can do is bring up the old issue of same-sex marriage a week before the election to win votes with the “nutty” (a term from White House staffers) evangelicals, you are desperate.

      When we win, we will hold YOUR party accountable for running roughshod over the Constitution. We will hold YOU accountable for the 2700 American lives taken in Iraq, not to mention the thousands of innocent Iraqi lives, because your party manufactured lies and broke international law. We knew there were no WMDs and no connection to 9/11. The invasion into Iraq was a neo-conservative ploy from the beginning for American corporate and special interests and world military domination. What a failure that is. These Staussian’s running the goverment are taking you for a bunch of fools.

      You can’t say we are safer under George “W”. The terrorists don’t have to go far to pick off American’s since they are having a field day killing them in Iraq. A situation your President created after the occupation. As a result of the invasion, which you blindly support, Iraq is now a breeding ground for terrorism.

      Democracy was supposed to spread throughout the middle East after we liberated Iraq. Instead neighboring nations are fueling the insurgency.

      Hey Mojo and your gun toting friends, you all love to wave around your weapons. Why don’t you get your butts over to Iraq and fight. Better yet, go over there and protect innocent Iraqi girls who are being raped by the bad apples in the US military – you know the ones who were let into the military through “moral waivers.”

      As far as stealing the election in 2004. Just ask the disenfranchised Americans (mostly black) who were turned away at the polls including one man who served in Desert Storm, who was told he couldn’t vote because he was falsly accused of having a criminal record. You all continue to turn a blind eye to the fact that thousands of Americans were denied the priviledge and right to vote in 2004.

      It’s just a matter of time before the misdeeds of your party catch up with you. Your bully tactics can only go so far before you fall flat on your face.

      I’m so glad I switched from being a Republican six years ago. I could see the forest through the trees. You all are too insular and misinformed to see the truth.


      “Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism.”
      – Thomas Jefferson

    28. Baklava says:

      The comment by Chip is why the majority of Americans WON’T elect leftists. Keep on talking Chip!!! You do more for our side than Republican leaders.

    29. Baklava says:

      Chip wrote, “Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism

      Dissent with lies is the lowest.

      Chip wrote, “When we win, we will hold YOUR party accountable for running roughshod over the Constitution.

      I’m sorry. What specifically is [our] party accountable for running roughshod over the Constitution?

      Chip wrote, “your party manufactured lies and broke international law.

      What did lies did [our] party manufacture and which international laws were broken? Cite specifics please. General innuendo and accusations aren’t helping anyone here.

      Chip laughingly wrote, “You all continue to turn a blind eye to the fact that thousands of Americans were denied the priviledge and right to vote in 2004.

      Because it isn’t true. But wait. I’ll give you an opportunity to give us the names of the thousands of Americans who were denied. If you do that I’ll join your cause !!!! There were black organizations who have dismissed these claims. They did the due diligence.

      Chip in bullying fashion wrote, “It’s just a matter of time before the misdeeds of your party catch up with you. Your bully tactics can only go so far before you fall flat on your face.

      I’m sorry. Seems we are being accused of committing crimes by you untruthfully. I’ll refer to you in mirror fashion as the bully. Now we are debating huh.

      Chip wrote, “I’m so glad I switched from being a Republican six years ago. I could see the forest through the trees. You all are too insular and misinformed to see the truth.

      Same year as Jumpin Jeffords. What happened that year that caused you to jump? The tax cut talk? The recession that started without having had any Bush tax cuts implemented yet?

      Chip wrote, “You all are too insular and misinformed to see the truth.

      I’ve read 1,000’s of pages of info since the year 1991 when I switched from liberalism to libertarianism and now to the more centrist conservativism. In 1991 I went to the library 3 times a week for a year and shed all the misinformation I was brainwashed with like you. The drive-by legacy media adds to confusion. They don’t give perspective or ad clarity.

      It’d be nice instead of making accusations you asked questions about what we believe instead of thinking the worst based on conversation you see at leftist blogs…..

    30. Chip says:


      OK, first we’ll start with voter suppression in the 2000 election. In Florida several thousand voters were inaccuratly marked as “Felons” and could not vote. ChoicePoint was the company who compiled the scrub list of voters and identified 58,000 felons. However, 15 percent of those listed were not felons at all. As a result many voters were turned down at the polls. ChoicePoint was hired by Katheryn Harris, who was chairing George Bush’s Florida campaign in 2000, to compile the scrub list. The owner of the company had contributed $100,000 to the Republican campaign. Other owners of the company have ties to the Republican party.

      I can’t give you names of the affected voters. Ask one of your Republican friends who are in with ChoicePoint. They have access to the list.

      Voter suppression has a history of affecting low-income people who historically vote democratic. It’s even happening in the 2006 election where stiff new voter laws are preventing low-income people from voting. It’s a prime example of disenfranchisement strategies put in place by republican strategists.

      For example in Georgia, voters must now present a Driver’s License or State ID that is only available from Georgia Dept of Motor Vehicle Offices. But the thing is, two-thirds of the counties in Georgia don’t even have a DMV office. This makes it difficult for low-income and older residents to obtain an ID to vote. Many won’t even vote as a result.

      In the 2000 election polling places in lower income areas of New Orleans snaked around buildings because those polling places weren’t adequatly staffed.

      In the 2004 election a Republican National Committee contractor hired Sproul and Associates to handle registration forms. However, they were caught and convicted of destroying forms filled out by voters registering as Democrats.

      I could go on and on with tons of examples of voter dissenfranchisement that some folks on this blog seem to dismiss as “Leftist Conspiracy Theories”. The fact is Republican special interests are conspiring to deny Americans the right to vote. I can’t see how you all can gloss over this.

      Here in Maryland, just this week, a GOP voting manual is telling Republicans at the polls to challenge voters they feel are not eligible to vote.

      As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures.

      As far as specifics on Bush breaking the law to trample on our civil rights. I can have a field day on that one with plenty of examples of how he is abusing his power. More on that later.


    31. Baklava says:

      You started with the voter suppression. You mean the networks calling Florida early for the Democrats when the Panhandle hadn’t finished voting… and throwing out oversees military votes at a whim. I’m glad you brought that up Chip!!! Thanks for reminding me. Whatever….

      Let’s see 15% of 58,000 is about 8700 and you can’t identify who each of those 8700 would’ve voted for… But you can smear the Secretary of the State at the time because she supposedly hired them even though that office employs thousands of employees and contracts are awarded by that office all the time. You are a smear machine. Cool.

      BTW, I have a business and I have a contract with the state of CA and I’m registered Republican and I’ve shaken the hands of Tom McClintock. I suppose I’m shady and shouldn’t provide services to the state of CA anymore.. Let’s start with the witchhunts. It’s Halloween and there’s a lot of witches… That’s all McCarthyism btw.

      Chip wrote, “For example in Georgia, voters must now present a Driver’s License or State ID that is only available from Georgia Dept of Motor Vehicle Offices.

      Oh the horrors… You know that an absentee ballot can be obtained by phone and you don’t need to xerox an id and put it in your absentee ballot. You only need to prove you are a legal. Non-citizens vote rampantly here in CA. If it weren’t for Arnold’s star power Democrats would have a lock.

      Chip stated, “In the 2000 election polling places in lower income areas of New Orleans snaked around buildings because those polling places weren’t adequatly staffed.

      This is nobody’s fault but their own. Here in CA I have volunteered for a polling place in 1994. It was adequately staffed. You volunteer you get adequate staffing. You don’t volunteer you don’t get adequate staffing. Wouldn’t you FAULT the Democrat machine in New Orleans for this problem? Since they vote Democrat to the tune of 80%+ why is it ANYONE else’s fault? New Orleans has the system they made and voted for and created and volunteered for (or didn’t).

      You go on with a list as if they were linked episodic things based on some conspiracy. There are Democrat and Republican cowards and thugs and nobody is saying that elections are perfect. Touchscreens, punch cards, scan ballots all have a slight percentage of misvoting. I’m glad there are people being prosecuted and convicted for destroying forms. To act like it’s an exclusive Republican thing is propaganda at it’s finest and you my coposter are either dishonest or ignorant. I’ll take that back if you correct yourself.

      You sound desperate.

      Yes. I bet you can have a field day with Bush breaking the laws and trampling our our civil rights. I’m sure you have people knocking on your door right now with what you wrote. You better watch out!!!


    32. Tom says:

      I have to laugh at the so called Republicans, who are outraged and will vote straight Democrat. Anyone with half a brain can see you are Democrats posing as Republicans. The most amusing thing is the Democrats are running conservative candidates. A philosophy their party leadership has no respect for. As for the election, Democrats will probably win the house Republicans the Senate. A split congress.

    33. Chip says:

      Hi Baklava,

      Today’s election hasn’t changed my mind about Republican thug tactics. I’ve seen it first hand working at the polls today. The Ehrlich/Steele Republican campaign for governor and senate race in Maryland is distributing their version of an “Official” Democratic ballot which is designed to confuse voters. They picture Prince Georges County Executive, Democrat Jack Johnson, who is running unapposed on the cover claiming he is endorsing Steele, who is running against Democrat Ben Cardin for Senate. When in fact Jack Johnson isn’t endorsing him at all. There is a story in the Washington Post today about the flyer and Jack Johnson is fuming mad about being on the flyer without his permission and even more angry that he is misquoted as endorsing Steele. What’s worse is they are recruiting college kids from across the country to push these flyers at the polls. The college girl working at our poll today is from Texas. They dropped her off in this big white Ford van at 7:00 am with a bag of these fraudulent flyers and told her they would pick her up at 8:00 pm tonight. 13 hours with no breaks or substitutes. They even treat their own poll workers like trash. We set her straight on what the Republican party was doing and showed her the Washington Post article saying the Republican Party produced this “Official Democratic Sample Ballot” to misleed unsuspecting voters. She’s from Texas. She doesn’t know who is who around here. They just drop her off and tell her to distribute lies.

      I have to give them credit for their creativity. All this misleading propaganda apparently works. In Tennessee the rascist ads benefitting Republican Bob Corker will probably help him win that Senate seat.

      Like I said, the Republican Bully and Thug tactic continue.


    34. sanity says:

      Oh Puh-leeeease!

      While I will admit republicans have their share of issues and tactics that would be considered wrong, or sometimes unethical, when compared to Democrats and how they operate, they come out looking like Angels in comparison.

      When is the last time you heard a republican shoot a candidate worker? You didn’t, it was a Democrat.

      Trash Military offices? Vandalize cars? Slash tires? Threaten voters? Intimidate voters? ect….

      We have posted before PROOF and articles concerning DEMOCRATS activities in all those areas. Meanwhile you complain about some republican dropping a helper off to distribute pamphlets?

      While i don’t think they should be operating alone, especially on how Democrats like to gang up on idividual republicans to shout them down or intimidate them, this person was obviously a volunteer. Again, while I don’t think she was or should have been alone, to compare this to what has been done by Democrats is laughable.

    35. Great White Rat says:

      Ah, so Chip defines printing an ad with misinformation in it as “bully and thug tactics”. Interesting new way to turn the English language on its head, but not unexpected from the party that can argue over the meaning of what the word “is” means.

      Actually, sanity’s right…when I think of thugs, I think of physical violence against people and property, which is the exclusive domain of the Dems.

      But let us stay on point! Since Chip is soooooo upset about misinformation in ads, let’s all run over to the threads about the MJ Fox ads, and let’s all read how Chip objected to that bit of dishonesty in advertising.

      Or how about the thread on the Josh Lansdale ad by the McCaskill campaign, and the lies in that one. Let’s go see how Chip tore into the Dems on that.

      Or maybe the thread on the dishonest Vanity Fair article. Betcha Chip really gave them hell there, huh?

      Hmmmm….what’s this?? :-\

      Hey….Sis, did you delete all of Chip’s remarks on those threads?? Cause for some reason I can’t seem to find anything from him there. Wonder why…. :o

    36. Lorica says:

      Can I ask something here??

      In the 2000 election polling places in lower income areas of New Orleans snaked around buildings because those polling places weren’t adequatly staffed.

      How is this George Bush’s fault?? If anyone Al Gore and Bill Clinton should be charged for this. They were in charge in 2000. Also since New Orleans is a very heavy Dem area, how is this an example of Rep Thuggery?? – Lorica

    37. Great White Rat says:

      Lorica – how many times do you have to be told not to apply logic and common sense when the Dems are making absurd charges?

      Did you learn nothing from John Kerry’s Cambodian Christmas??

      (after all, he still has the magic hat, he says) :)