Bush’s and Rove’s confidence that GOP will win next month leads the left to cooking up conspiracy theories, and a call to “take to the streets”

I was waiting for this to happen.

When I read this article from the Washington Times two days ago, where Karl Rove expressed confidence that we were going to retain the House and Senate, and this one from last Sunday where the Washington Post reported that both Bush and Rove were “upbeat” about next month’s elections, I said to myself “how long will it be before someone on the left cooks up a conspiracy theory that all this confidence means that Rove and Bush have either 1) engineered an October surprise and/or 2) gotten Diebold to ‘assure’ us that we will ‘win’ the elections next month?”

It didn’t take long. Via Lyn Davis Lear at the HuffPo (emphasis added):

All week I’ve been reading in disparate sources from Drudge to US News and World Report about Bush, Rove and Cheney being overly confident about the midterm elections. Even Republican strategists are increasingly concerned because the White House doesn’t have a plan if they lose. This lack of planning shouldn’t surprise anyone, but if you really think about it a creepy, crawly feeling grows in your gut.

Here are some questions: Are these guys simply narcissistic idiots Rove-ing around in some never-never land bubble or do they know something we don’t? Have they planned a grab bag nose punch of an October/November surprise? Or have Diebold, ES&S, and local state secretaries assured them that they will do “whatever it takes” to get a Republican Congress elected again? Or are they just planning to outspend us? Karl Rove recently told the Washington Times, “For most Americans, particularly the marginal voters who are going to determine the outcome of the election, it started a couple of weeks ago… Between now and the election we will spend $100 million in target House and Senate races in the next 21 days”. That is $30 million a week in 15 or 16 key races. Knowing this group, the answers must lie in a clever blitzkrieg [Note: Clever insertion of a Nazi reference, eh? It never fails. –ST] combo of all of the above.

When I asked Gore Vidal at dinner why the White House seemed so serene and at ease about the vote, he replied that, this time around, the Bush-Cheney henchmen could simply call on martial law. He glumly noted that we are so far down the road toward totalitarianism that, even if Democrats do win back the Congress, it would take at least two generations before the last six years of damage to the nation could be reversed. Gore frankly despaired that any amount of time could ever return the country to where and what it previously was. This prediction left me reaching for some Fernet Branca.

And her conversation with Gore Vidal has got me reaching for a gag bag. Continuing:

But whether it is hubris, loony tunes, or both, the White House’s freakish calm about the elections makes me as nervous as the hell we seem to be headed for. Therefore we should all be on alert. If for whatever reason we don’t win back Congress in November the only real answer will be to take to the streets.

Got that? It’s the same ol’ same ol’ we’ve come to expect from that far left, with the added threat of “taking to the streets” this time around if they lose. The comments section there at the moment is five pages long and counting, with a lot of ‘amens’ being thrown around amongst the choir.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, demonstrates the sheer denial of reality regarding the left more than their reactions to the last three elections they’ve lost: they were “stolen,” “rigged,” etc – can’t possibly be because Democrats have been rejected on the basis of their ideas (or lack thereof), can’t possibly be because a majority of the American people actually embraced Republican ideas, bbbbecause Americans couldn’t possibly be that stupid, could they? What the left can’t or won’t explain though, is that they haven’t just been losing elections since Bush was ELECTED President, they’ve been losing big since 1994 – but during the 1994, 96, and 98 elections we didn’t hear this massive outcry of election rigging – apparently Democrats losing elections in the 90s had nothing to do with Republicans officials acting nefariously throughout the country – and of course had nothing to do with a rejection of Democratic ideas, oh no – but once Bush came along the left finally found someone they could pin their losses on. For the party of “thinkers”, Democrats aren’t big on self-introspection – it’s always someone else’s fault.

My head hurts!One of the laughable things about the charge of Bush ‘stealing elections’ is that on one hand, the majority of the left looks at Bush as a clueless wonder, and have done so from day one. To them, he’s inept in everything he does – yet somehow “Dumbya” knows how to mastermind ‘stealing elections’! They’ve never been able to explain how on one hand he’s the world’s biggest idiot, yet on the other hand has managed to orchestrate election fraud on a widespread scale. Probably because this, like so many of their other inconsistencies, is something they can’t explain.

The “taking to the streets” angle in response is something new, though, and unlike the charge of ‘stealing elections’, it’s not laughable. The far left’s inability to accept defeat and being out of power during the Bush years via the democratic process hasn’t boiled over to massive waves of violence – yet. We may find out next month whether or not it will. Democratic websites like the HuffPo are already laying the groundwork – just in case.

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