Moonbat photo of the day

Good Lt. at The Jawa Report has it. Cindy Sheehan is one of two women in the photo – just to give you advanced warning.

Speaking of, today Mother Sheehan was convicted by a Manhattan Criminal Court judge for trespassing at the US Mission headquarters near the United Nations.

Repeat after me: there is justice in the world after all, there is justice in the world … ;)

Monday open thread

We know there’s only ONE Santa Claus. But I couldn’t figure out which one is the real one is in this pic if ya paid me:

Volunteers from America-Greater New York gather before a Sidewalk Santa Parade in New York November 24, 2006. The volunteers marched down Fifth Avenue in New York City after riding by bus from Santa School. REUTERS/Eric Thayer (UNITED STATES)


Ever felt like doing this at the office? LOL

Outgoing Senator Mike DeWine finishes tributes to Ohio troops lost in the war on terror

Senator Mike DeWine, defeated by Sherrod Brown in last month’s elections, is leaving the Senate doing something he started doing in 2002: paying tribute to every US troop from Ohio who lost their lives in Afghanistan or Iraq:

A politician’s final moments in public office can define their legacy.

Lawmakers who lost their November races chose different ways to use their waning time on Capitol Hill — some finishing legislation or positioning themselves for a future run.

Sen. Mike DeWine of Ohio’s last task was more solemn.

“My goal has been to do one tribute for each serviceman, and after I lost the election, it became apparent that was going to be difficult,” the Republican told The Washington Times. “It is something only a United States senator can do, so that presented a great sense of urgency.”

So Mr. DeWine spent his last hours delivering more than 75 floor speeches in honor of those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, completing a longtime goal of memorializing the more than 150 from his state who have perished in those wars.

It is a task he began in 2002, when an Ohioan became the first serviceman killed in Afghanistan, but one he pledged to finish before leaving after 12 years in the Senate and more than two decades on Capitol Hill.

“It is the mark of our colleague from Ohio, the kind of person he is … that he would come to the floor of the Senate in his last few days,” said Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel, a Republican. “[To] focus on others, focus on those who have given the ultimate for their families, for our country and for our future.”

While most of his departing colleagues spent last week backslapping and lauding their own accomplishments, Mr. DeWine, 59, remained in the chamber late each night paying homage.

“I believe it is the least we can do in this Senate,” said Mr. DeWine, who voted for the Iraq war in 2002. He lost his seat to Democratic Rep. Sherrod Brown in part because of his support for the conflict.

The tributes did more than list a person’s name, age and service. Most lasted several minutes and included details, such as how 27-year-old Sgt. Justin Hoffman teased “the love of his life,” girlfriend Teri Price, that he would propose “as soon as he stepped off the plane on his way back from Iraq.” Or how Pvt. Samuel Bowen’s sister, Consuella, has not erased messages he left on her answering machine.

Mr. DeWine remembered Pvt. Adam R. Shepherd as “someone who could brighten any day,” and lauded the 1993 wrestling championship that made Maj. Ramon J. Mendoza Jr. a Buckeyes sports legend.

He might not have been the favorite Senator for Ohioans but when it comes to our troops, it’s easy to see where Senator DeWine stands. A shout-out to him for honoring on the floor of the US Congress Ohio troops who lost their lives fighting for their country in the war on terror.

2006 Weblog Awards endorsements

2006 Weblog AwardsI have a few blogs I’d like to endorse in the 2006 Weblog Awards competition. There will be some categories I don’t post endorsements for, as I am not familiar with every category and some categories I’m familiar with I’ve never heard of the nominees.

Before I get to that, though, I’d like to encourage everyone to vote for yours truly in the best of the top 251-500 blogs category. I’m getting smoked, and I know I have more readers than the votes that have been cast so far for me. So get to votin’, ya’ll! Send the link to family and friends if you’re so inclined. Show me some of that vote love. :) Remember, you can vote once a day each day, until the end of the competition, which is a minute before midnight Friday.

Ok, here goes on the endorsements. Links to the categories are listed on this page.


Best Blog: Michelle Malkin
Best New Blog: Hard to pick just one, so I’ve been voting for one one day, and another the next: Blue Crab Boulevard, Jules Crittenden, and Hang Right Politics. All excellent new blogs.
Best Individual Blog: Going between Anchoress and Dan Riehl. I’m currently sick over that category, though, as Glenn Greenwald is in the lead. Bleh. (Update 12/12/06: Oops – my bad. I misread the numbers last night. I see James Lileks is in the lead, not GG. Whew!)
Best Humor Blog: Scrappleface
Best Comic Strip: Day By Day and Cox and Forkum
Best Online Community: Free Republic
Best Conservative Blog: Hugh Hewitt
Best Centrist Blog: The Moderate Voice

Topic Area Categories

Best Media Blog: Newsbusters
Best Military Blog: Blackfive
Best Law Blog: The Volokh Conspiracy
Best LGBT Blog: Gay Patriot

Arts & Letters Categories

Best Video Blog: Hot Air
Video Of The Year: MKH: Get out the vote

International Categories

Best Canadian Blog: Small Dead Animals
Best UK Blog: EU Referendum
Best Middle East or Africa Blog: Iraq the Model
Best Australia or New Zealand Blog: Tim Blair
Best Latino, Caribbean, or South American Blog: Babalu

TTLB Ecosystem Based Categories

Best of the Top 250 Blogs: Just One Minute and Stop The ACLU
Best of the Top 251 – 500 Blogs: Ahem ;)
Best of the Top 501 – 1000 Blogs: Blogs Of War
Best of the Top 1001 – 1750 Blogs: Willisms
Best of the Top 1751 – 2500 Blogs: Cathy’s World
Best of the Top 3501 – 5000 Blogs: Another Rovian Conspiracy
Best of the Top 5001 – 6750 Blogs: Gina Cobb and The Bodie Specter
Best of the Rest of the Blogs (8751+): Free Frank Warner

Latest global warming scapegoat: Cows

Since they can’t place as much blame on man as they originally tried to, global warming experts at the UN have now switched gears and are naming poor defenseless cows as the primary contributors to “global warming.”

Read all about this startling revelation here.

Speaking of global warming and the UN, read about Kofi Annan’s upcoming blast of fairwell-to-the-UN hot air at, well, Hot Air. The gist of it is that the outgoing UN Sec. Gen. will make it a point to take a few potshots at the US.

Hat tip: Doug Ross

Also blogging about this: Sensible Mom


Both the MSM and blogosphere are buzzing this morning about the rising star of Illinois Senator Barack Obama. Sarah Liebowitz from the Concord (NH) Monitor has a particularly glowing piece about a recent Obama event in NH where he rec’d, according to the article, a “rapturous reception” that “[drew] the kinds of crowds and news media attention usually reserved for a sitting president or a presidential nominee.”

Newsweek has an amusing graphic of a dueling Obama and Hillary which accompanies a Jonathan Alter story about how the 2008 Democratic race for the nomination for president is shaping up between the two of them. Neither one has officially said they’re running, but ‘sources’ (according to Alter) say that there is a 99% chance Hillary will run and an 80% chance Obama will run.

In any event, it looks like the MSM’s man of the moment is Senator Obama. I don’t think this is good news for him, though. He might be getting primo press now, but I remember when Howard Dean threw his hat into the ring for president, the press for him couldn’t have been better – but it didn’t last long, especially after the now-infamous Dean Scream. Enjoy it while it lasts, Senator Obama.

Read more on the Obama hype via Jack Lewis.