Ah, but they do have a plan

Posted by: ST on January 9, 2007 at 8:40 am

My friend Jules Crittenden blogs this morning about what he believes is a non-existent Democratic war plan:

Democratic War Plan here.*

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on how the Democrats plan to execute their war plan here.

“We have a platform we didn’t have before, Leader Pelosi and I, and we’re going to … focus attention on this war in many different ways,” said Reid. (see Democratic War Plan, here.)

You’ll note that two of the three links above don’t lead anywhere, as if the Democrats don’t have a war plan.

Well, actually they do. And they worked very, very hard to get themselves in a position to be able to implement it. Read all about their pathetic little war plan here.

Read related thoughts via Greg Tinti at The Political Pit Bull.

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