The Dem push for cut and run ‘officially’ begins

Posted by: ST on January 6, 2007 at 8:53 am

Remember that poll taken shortly after the election where 78% of the American people said they were worried that Democrats would want to pull out of Iraq too soon? Well, their fears were founded. Via the WaPo:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid declared yesterday that “it is time to bring the war to a close” and warned President Bush that sending more U.S. troops to Iraq would be unacceptable to the Democratic majorities that have just taken over Congress.

Directly challenging Bush’s wartime leadership on their second day in charge on Capitol Hill, Democrats Pelosi (Calif.) and Reid (Nev.) sent Bush a letter suggesting that, instead of starting a short-term escalation, he begin a phased withdrawal of U.S. forces in the next four to six months. The mission of remaining troops, they said, should be shifted away from combat toward more training, logistics and counterterrorism.

Here’s their BS letter stating “We want to do everything we can to help Iraq succeed in the future …”. Liars, all.

Prior to the election, Democrats hid from the American people their true position on Iraq by merely stating that it was time for a “change” in Iraq. You didn’t hear prominent Dem after promiment Dem suggesting that we pull out this year. There’s a reason for that. They didn’t want the masses to know. Political junkies like you and me knew, but people who don’t follow politics as closely as we do heard “change in Iraq” and apparently thought “that’s what we need” without giving further thought to exactly what those changes were going to constitute, which fit in perfectly with the left’s tactic of relying on the ignorance of the average voter in order to win. As I noted in that post, it’s easier to perpetrate a fraud on the American people if you hide what you’re really wanting to do once you gain power, and Democrats are masters at it. Now that the elections are over and they officially hold the majority, the Dem pretenses on Iraq have been dropped. Not only have they clearly expressed to the President that they don’t want more troops in Iraq, they want them home. Now. And they’ll cut off funding for the Iraq war if they have to in order to achieve their warped anti-war goals. Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore must be grinning from ear to ear this morning.

Something else this official unified call for a cut and run tells us is that this view is not just a view the fringe far lefties like Sheehan and Moore support. The idea to cut and run from Iraq among Democrats is now mainstream. It’s not a minority view anymore. In fact, looking back, I’m not sure it really ever was. The American people on the whole don’t want us to cut and run, but a majority of Democrats do. If they didn’t, the Democrats as a majority wouldn’t be presenting a unified case for cutting and running.

Congressional Republicans, for all their negatives, have always been committed to winning the war in Iraq. As I’ve written before, they’ve made plenty of mistakes in decision making regarding the war on terror, specifically, Iraq. But putting Democrats in charge of Congress is already proving disastrous on so many levels, particularly as it relates to national security, and this country handing over that power to the left was tantamount to putting the Keystone cops in control.

These Democrats, as I wrote shortly after last year’s elections, are part of the problem, not the solution, for Iraq. They only want to listen to generals when it suits their purpose, and ignore them when it doesn’t. They don’t want to win. Don’t let their phoniness about wanting Iraq to “succeed” fool you.

Memeorandum‘s buzzing with reactions to this story as well as McCain’s call for a “substantial, sustained surge.” You can check out the links here.

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    1. Drewsmom says:

      This war is over …. the dems are gonna pull the plug on the funding and hold hearing after hearing after hearing on stuff we’ve already had hearings on.
      President Bush can’t win with these left leaning zombies so I guess our brave soldiers will be coming home sooner than it will take to actually win this thing but winning is not something the dems want, that gets in the way of their “other agendas”, none of which make us safe but the dems just don’t care.
      Pray for our country folks, we’re gonna need it.

    2. NC Cop says:

      I read a fantastic aritlce on Iraq in the November 2006 issue of Maxim magazine, I know, I know, it’s MAXIM!! The article, however, was about a former Hollywoood agent who went to Iraq for a few months to see what was really going on. He spent time with the Marines in and around the Triangle of Death. He has some great stories. He starts out by saying:

      “In my former life I was Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh’s agent and manager. I co-owned a prosperous talent agent firm, I lived in a four story mansion and somehow sucessfully stumbled through the whorehouse called Hollywood. I was an indoctrinated hardcore liberal.”

      “When I bought a new Hummer H2 back in 2002, I ordered a custom license plate that read US WINS. I wanted people to have a reaction, usually negative, and then examine their thinking? Would it be so bad to win this war?”

      Then he gets really good!

      “I could give two f***s about WMD’s. There were much more important reasons to topple Saddam-terrorism being one of them. The root cause of terrorism are the lack of capitalism, the lack of democracy, and the lack of education.”

      This guy’s name is Pat Dollard and he made a documentary of Marines in Iraq called Young Americans. I’m going to try and track it down and watch it. The article is a very interesting as it comes from somebody who was ACTUALLY THERE!!!!! Perhaps our wonderful new Congress should read it, especially those dems who have never set foot in Iraq.

      Dollard gets blown up more than once and barely gets out alive, but he realizes what’s at stake. The best part is near the end when he says:

      “The average Marine was proud to be there doing his job. I have tape after tape of marines telling their liberal “rescuers” to go f**k themselves. They knew what they were doing there, that they were keeping Iraq from turning into a terrorist state that would have made Afghanistan under the Taliban look like Disneyland”

      God, I love the Marines!!!!!!!!!!!!

      It’s a shame more people can’t get past their hatred of Bush or their own political aspirations to see what this guy saw.

    3. Steve Skubinna says:

      There may be a bright side. This might sidetrack the impeachment proceedings we all know are lurking in the wings. Plus, the Dems might get burned big on this. If Cindy Sheehan panics the Donks into getting stupid(er) so they shoot themselves in the foot, she will end up having performed a valuable service to her country.

      And oh, wouldn’t she just hate that?

    4. Drewsmom says:

      NC Cop, I’d love to watch that documentary and read the article. You are right on, the dems need to do some reading and Steve, I hope cindy keeps up her yapping. It warmed my heart to see how she and the oter moonbat protesters interrupted the dems speech the other day with THEIR SHOUTING DEMANDS. !!!!!!:-w

    5. NC Cop says:

      Here is an interview he did with Hannity and Colmes. It’s pretty good. I love how Colmes is always trying to change the subject, just like a good little liberal.


    6. G Monster says:

      Michael Moore is a little Bitch. That footage is classic.

    7. patty says:

      I pray that when they do this horrible thing they will be the targets of the terrorist they are befriending.As far as I am concerned all Christians should be on the same page.


    8. tom says:

      ST, I knew you wouldn’t make it thru this post without using the ‘cut and run’ meme. You never let me down. But your statement that “The American people on the whole don’t want us to cut and run,..” is false.

      Most polls show that a majority of Americans do want us out of Iraq on a fixed timetable (some polls say within a year). See To me a fixed timetable means, well, what you would calling ‘cutting and running’. It’s what the majority of Americans might call ‘recognizing a reality’.

      How many lives and billions of $ should we spend trying (in vain) to sort out Iraq’s problems? These problems stem from deeply embedded cultural issues going back centuries. We are foolish to think we can have much influence on this. For most Iraqis, life is worse now than in 2002. We’re not doing them any favors.

      And I’m not buying the idea that Iraq is central to the war on terror. If it is than we’re screwed, because we’ve proven that we can’t root out any terrorists by being there. Most credible experts would agree there are more terrorist there now than ever before.

      If this war is so important to winning the WOT, why aren’t you all screaming for a draft and 100,000 more troops? I wouldn’t agree with that course of action, but at least I’d know you had the courage of your convictions.

    9. Tom TB says:

      Tom, likely the only thing we have in common is our first name. Were you against the war in Iraq before it started? Against it when we captured a murderous dictator? Against it period? How can you speak for the Kurdish population in the north, who no longer have to fear helicopters in the sky dropping nerve gas. Are you sure Arabs are forever incapable of embracing Democracy in this century or any other?

    10. Severian says:

      For most Iraqis, life is worse now than in 2002. We’re not doing them any favors.

      Yeah, that must be why they all were celebrating Saddam’s hanging so much. They’re just so sad he’s not in power anymore. 8-|

      And I’m not buying the idea that Iraq is central to the war on terror.

      Yeah, but liberals don’t buy the fact that there even is a war going on, so that is hardly a surprise, but thanks for playing.

      If this war is so important to winning the WOT, why aren’t you all screaming for a draft and 100,000 more troops?

      Because we have enough trouble with slackers and idiots here at home trying to hamstring the war effort, why should we decrease the quality of the troops by drafting these same kinds of people into the service? Better to let people of your ilk sit here and whine, you can do less damage that way.


    11. NC Cop says:

      You hit the nail on the head Tom TB. I don’t remember any members of Congress calling for out of Iraq when things were going well. When we rolled through Baghdad with people cheering us, I don’t recall hearing many members of Congress demanding that we get out or calling it a failure. Yet when the insurgency rose and public opinion started changing, those same people started looking for a way out. The most convenient was “I authorized Bush to go to war, but I didn’t think he’d use it!!!”. Brilliant. Unfortunately, it worked, because the American people voted in some of the most incompetent people in the nation to run Congress. That’s who I want in charge, people who try and cover their own asses as soon as things get tough.

      Ironically, the thing that people like tom seem to overlook is that we are doing exactly what Osama Bin Laden said we would. He predicted that if you drag out a conflict long enough and inflict enough casualties, the Americans will run. Thanks to tom and the Dems they will prove Osama bin Laden correct. So, they will be basically handing any two-bit dictator or terrorist group a blueprint on how to defeat the U.S. Think that will help our future?

      Tom, if it weren’t for polls you couldn’t come up with an argument on your own. You never let me down. Since you are so keen on polls though, here’s one for you.


      Just in case you miss the important part, I’ll highlight it for you.

      In the poll, more Americans ranked Iraq as the top priority of the new Democratic-controlled Congress, but nearly three out of five say the party has no plan to deal with the war.

      You see, tom, that means that the American people WANT a plan for Iraq, not a withdrawal. If withdrawl was what the American people wanted, this poll would have been much higher in the democrats favor, wouldnt it? Because, let’s face it, withdrawal is exactly what we expected from the Dems.

      And I’m not buying the idea that Iraq is central to the war on terror.

      Well, by all means tom, please tell us what nation is central to the war on terror? Please tell us what nation we should be concentrating on and tell us what exactly should we be doing? Make it interesting, though, try and do it without quoting a poll. If you see my previous posts I used people who were actually in Iraq, including U.S. Marines in Iraq. I know it’s silly actually using the statements of people who were actually there instead of politicians who have never set foot in Iraq, or polls, but what the heck.

      For most Iraqis, life is worse now than in 2002.

      Well, I guess if you consider electricity shortages and long gas lines worse than having your children and women raped and executed by government forces, I guess you’re right.

    12. Ryan says:

      If this war is so important to winning the WOT, why aren’t you all screaming for a draft and 100,000 more troops?

      Because that’s not needed to win the WOT. We’ve been screaming about plenty of other things, in case you haven’t noticed. One of the first steps to winning would be to stop the leaks. It certainly wouldn’t take lots of money, a draft, or 100,000 additional troops to do that now would it?

      For most Iraqis, life is worse now than in 2002.

      I’m so sick of seeing this. The lack of perspective on your side is absolutely ridiculous. I guess a return to mass graves under Saddam would be better? Or perhaps just sticking to never-ending economic sanctions, which apparently caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands. You know what? For most Germans life in 1946 was worse than it was in 1938.

    13. TonyGuitar says:

      Found it! The war plan! Fantastic. Other plans too . . .

      This should make you feel much better now that the Democrats
      are in control of our government………..

      The Democrats new promise *A New Direction For America – Vote Democratic*

      The stock market is at a new all-time high and America’s 401K’s are back.
      A new direction from there means, what?

      Unemployment is at 25 year lows.
      A new direction from there means, what?

      Oil prices are plummeting.
      A new direction from there means, what?

      Taxes are at 20 year lows.
      A new direction from there means, what?

      Federal tax revenues are at all-time highs.
      A new direction from there means, what?

      The Federal deficit is down almost 50%, just as predicted over last year.
      A new direction from there means. what?

      Home valuations are up 200% over the past 3.5 years.
      A new direction from there means, what?

      Inflation is in check, hovering at 20 year lows.
      A new direction from there means, what?

      Not a single terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11/01.
      A new direction from there means, what?

      Osama bin Laden is living under a rock in a dark cave, having not surfaced in years, if he’s alive at all, while 95% of Al Queda’s top dogs are either dead or in custody, cooperating with US Intel.
      A new direction from there means, what?

      Several major terrorist attacks already thwarted by US and British Intel, including the recent planned attack involving 10 Jumbo Jets being exploded in mid-air over major US cities in order to celebrate the anniversary of the 9/11/01 attacks.
      A new direction from there means, what?

      Just as President Bush foretold us on a number of occasions, Iraq was to be made “ground zero” for the war on terrorism — and just as President Bush said they would, terrorist cells from all over the region are arriving from the shadows of their hiding places and flooding into Iraq in order to get their faces blown off by US Marines rather than boarding planes and heading to the United States to wage war on us here.
      A new direction from there means, what?

      Now let me see, do I have this right? I can expect:

      The economy to go South
      Illegal to go North
      Taxes to go Up
      Employment to go Down
      Terrorism to come In
      Tax breaks to go Out
      Social Security to go away
      Health Care to go the same way gas prices have gone

      But what the heck !

      I can gain comfort by knowing that Nancy P, Hillory C, John K, Edward K, Howard D, Harry R and Obama have worked hard to create a comprehensive National Security Plan, Health Care Plan, Immigration Reform Plan, Gay Rights Plan, Same Sex Marriage Plan, Abortion On Demand Plan, Tolerance of Everyone and Everything Plan, How to Return all Troops to the U.S. in The Next Six Months Plan,

      *A Get Tough Plan, adapted from the French Plan by the same name* and a How Everyone Can Become as Wealthy as We Are Plan. I forgot the No More Katrina Storm Plan.

      Now I know why I feel good after the elections.
      I am going to be able to sleep soooooo much better at nights knowing these dedicated politicians are thinking of me and my welfare.

      Please pass this good news along to all of your friends so they can feel better also.
      Via & Courtesy of RLGoodson. = TG