Senator Dick Durbin reaches out to Daily Kos blog, asks them to help set the “Senate agenda”

Posted by: ST on January 9, 2007 at 9:51 pm

The Senate Majority Whip bowed to far lefty Dem supporters at the ultra-liberal blog Daily Kos this morning. Read his passionate plea here.

Allah provides a timely reminder of what Kos and co. are all about. These are the people Durbin wants to solicit for opinions on the Senate agenda??

Things in the Senate, and the House for that matter, are goin’ a little cuckoo, I’d say …

Update: It must be Senate Tribute to the Far Left Day at Daily Kos, as Senator Kennedy posts a piece about Bush’s surge plan. In a post titled “Escalation: It’s Not Up To Him”, Kennedy writes:

I am on my way to the National Press Club in Washington in a few minutes to speak about a new bill. If passed, it will prohibit escalation in Iraq without express Congressional approval of a plan and budget.

In other words, Kennedy is hoping to worm his way around the Constitution by taking CIC authority away from the President, by demanding approval of a plan.

The Huffie Post has video of a speech Kennedy did on the issue of Iraq – where he calls Iraq GWB’s Vietnam. Watch it -if you can stand it – here:

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10 Responses to “Senator Dick Durbin reaches out to Daily Kos blog, asks them to help set the “Senate agenda””


  1. camojack says:

    The Huffie Post has video of a speech Kennedy did on the issue of Iraq – where he calls Iraq GWB’s Vietnam. Watch it -if you can stand it…

    I can’t; as my dear old Pappy used to say: “They didn’t shoot enough Kennedys”. :-w

  2. NC Cop says:

    Hey Dick,

    Why don’t you and Ted get together for some drinks and talk about what the Senate’s agenda should be……then perhaps Ted could take you for a little drive…………I hear Chappaquiddick can be quite lovely this time of year.


  3. Tom TB says:

    It would seem a bit reckless for the Senator from Massachusetts to make Vietnam war comparisons to our current war in Iraq, considering he was elected to the Senate in 1962, brother John sent “advisers”; brother Robert was involved as attorney general in what later escalated under LBJ to what became called a “quagmire”. It would be interesting to look up Senator Ted’s voting record during those years of massive troop deployment.

  4. Dave in CO says:

    Everyone – Please bookmark this. The next time some moonbat tries to deny that the nuts are running the Dems, lay this on them. Senator Durbin makes a specific request of the fever swamp for policy ideas.

    Doesn’t get much more clear than that, I believe.

  5. Lorica says:

    I am so tired, of Vietnam comparisons from these individuals. I don’t think these guys remember Vietnam outside of when they watch a movie. They are clueless. Vietnam was about containing communism, much like the previous stupidity towards Iraq. Iraq is about conquering and re-creating, like what we did the the Axis powers after WWII. By it’s own defination Vietnam could only be a quagmire, as we were not seeking victory. There is our difference, we have already won the war, we are now trying to clean up the country’s previous leadership, and fighting terrorists who just want to kill Americans. We face 2 different enemies in Iraq. The people who want the previous dictatorship to be re-installed, and foreign fighters who just want to fight against us. I personally believe that our soldiers are doing a great job when ALL things are considered. If you focus on only the negative that the MSM wants you to focus on, of course you are going to get the wrong idea. But to compare this to LBJ’s war, is just simply moronic. – Lorica

  6. NC Cop says:

    Can you imagine what would have happened if a Republican had solicited help from a far right, extremist group?? Can you say “investigation”????

  7. Tom says:

    But to compare this to LBJ’s war, is just simply moronic. – Lorica

    Comment by Lorica

    So true. Different ‘police action’, different era, different country, different people, different reasons (although we went to war based on lies also), different enemy, different tactics, etc. I also agree the soldiers are doing their absolute best – they are true heroes. I wish everybody (right, center, left) would focus on the current situation, rather than constantly going back +/- 40 years comparing vietnam to anything we have now. Of course, there are similarities with regard to this fight, but we have unique challenges to Iraq. Those unique challenges deserve to be a topic all its own and not dicussed in comparisons to Vietnam. We need to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible and get our brave soldiers home where they belong.

  8. Lorica says:

    I agree with your last sentence Tom, we do need to bring back our troops in victory, not with with some stupid “redeployment”.

    (although we went to war based on lies also)

    Also Tom??? I am abit lost here. We went to war in Vietnam because Truman didn’t have the guts to tell our French “Allies” that they could NOT return to Vietnam to re-establish a colony there. Vietnam should of been free after WWII. Anyway the rest is history. From 1941 to 1975 Vietnam was at war, basically.

    Now Iraq, the President said there were 3 reasons, WMDs, Human Rights abuses, threats to it’s neighbors. Which of those were lies??? Sadamn did have chemical and biological WMDs, and if anyone lied it was Joe Wilson, Sadamn wanted Nukes, and was looking for yellowcake on the black market. Sadamn had killed hundreds of thousands of his own people. Lastly but not least, Sadamn had attacked 4 of it’s neighbors, and was sponsering terrorist suicide bombers against Israel. Also he attacked us as our fighters patrolled the “No Fly” Zone. Which was an act of War as Sadamn had agreed to this in the surrender agreement.

    This is a different enemy, and this enemy has pipe dreams for a global take over. This enemy had a hand in attacking this country. This enemy needs to be destroyed or this enemy is going to follow our troops as we “redeploy” them home. – Lorica