Senator Dick Durbin reaches out to Daily Kos blog, asks them to help set the “Senate agenda”

The Senate Majority Whip bowed to far lefty Dem supporters at the ultra-liberal blog Daily Kos this morning. Read his passionate plea here.

Allah provides a timely reminder of what Kos and co. are all about. These are the people Durbin wants to solicit for opinions on the Senate agenda??

Things in the Senate, and the House for that matter, are goin’ a little cuckoo, I’d say …

Update: It must be Senate Tribute to the Far Left Day at Daily Kos, as Senator Kennedy posts a piece about Bush’s surge plan. In a post titled “Escalation: It’s Not Up To Him”, Kennedy writes:

I am on my way to the National Press Club in Washington in a few minutes to speak about a new bill. If passed, it will prohibit escalation in Iraq without express Congressional approval of a plan and budget.

In other words, Kennedy is hoping to worm his way around the Constitution by taking CIC authority away from the President, by demanding approval of a plan.

The Huffie Post has video of a speech Kennedy did on the issue of Iraq – where he calls Iraq GWB’s Vietnam. Watch it -if you can stand it – here:

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