Gore ‘responds’ to Drudge headline (UPDATE II: IS ST READER GWR PSYCHIC?)

Posted by: ST on February 27, 2007 at 9:14 am

YOU MUST LISTEN!Fresh off his Academy Award win on Sunday night, presidential wannabe Al Gore must be feeling pretty invincible as he took it upon himself to respond to, as the very liberal Think Progress describes it, Drudge’s “latest hysterics” on Al Gore’s gw hypocrisy.

Jimmie at the Sundries Shack debunks this latest piece of dishonesty from he-who-almost-became-president, and Dan Riehl doesn’t pull any punches, either.

As a side note, it’s interesting that Think Progress chose to attack Drudge for republishing a press release from the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, rather than responding directly to the TCPR itself. Perhaps because they couldn’t?

I also find it mildly amusing that Think Progress filed this under the category “Radical Right Wing Agenda” as if there’s something “radical” about stating the truth on someone’s hypocrisy.

Come to think, for them, truth is a pretty radical – not to mention foreign – concept.

To the left, pointing out right wing hypocrisy = good. But pointing out left wing hypocrisy? Blasphemous.

More: ABC News picks up on the story here.

Related: The Washington Post’s Al Gore gushfest continues here.

ST – going green: :-&

UPDATE I: Must-read from The Anchoress: Inconvenient Truth: Bush greener than Gore

UPDATE II: Read ST reader Great White Rat’s comment from yesterday, in an attempt to predict how Gore would respond. ;)

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  • 24 Responses to “Gore ‘responds’ to Drudge headline (UPDATE II: IS ST READER GWR PSYCHIC?)”


    1. Baklava says:

      I don’t understand Think Progress’s or Algore’s responses and I’m not dumb. How did they refute that 20x more energy (wattage) was used by the Gore residences than the average American residences?

      They didn’t.

      So what that they use more “alternative” energy. An energy pig is an energy pig.

      So what that they purchased offsets… It may clear the Gore conscience but the average American sees through that statement as Gore absolutely not getting it.

      Reduce the amount of energy you use Gore to what the average American uses or maybe just twice as much and not 20X as much and then you will not be called to the mat. And Think Progress might as well relabel themselves to think backwards.

      No American should give up their standard of living to please the crisis oriented GW crowd. Everything purchased and used creates CO2. I just finished (I wish I could post pictures) my 5th tiling project in my house. This was my master bathroom. Each trip to Home Depot for concrete backer board, tile, grout and baseboards and caulk (yes I did two trips not one) created CO2 by my minivan. The manufacturer of the items emitted CO2 when manufacturing and shipping the materials.

      $100 later and 3 weekends of work and I have a much nicer bathroom (better standard of living) and I am not about to trade my standard of living to give up CO2 production which EVERY American does with everything including using their computers to type messages here on these websites. Energy is what makes our standard of living great as opposed to doing nothing besides consuming the food you ate for 3 weekends in a row like a 3rd worlder might have done. They have near 0 emissions…

      As countries improve their standard of living, they to need energy and emit CO2. Unless they only use nuclear power (enviros against that). Wind would require the amount of land the size of CA to provide enough windmill land space to power America’s needs. Not going to happen. How about an Arizona size solar panel which would have energy shortages when providing heat energy to NorthEastern and Northern areas of the country during the winter. Plus the solar panel would cost twice as much to build and use over the life of the solar panel as a natural gas or clean coal burning power plant. Plus it takes CO2 to manufacture the solar panels. As did the tile and baseboards and the computer you are using now.

    2. LOL! Just noted your prediction in a post update, GWR ;)

    3. Severian says:

      GWR, your “model” has been proven against real world results as having predictive power! Would that the global warming hacks were so accurate! ^:)^

    4. Lorica says:

      Excellent work GWR!!!! =d>

      My only question is this. Why did this only come out now?? I will give you money if the Hillary Camp didn’t have something to do with the timing of this whole thing, or if they didn’t put out the lead to the Tenn. Center for Policy Research. Gore’s star is on the rise with the howling moonbat extreme lefties. Hollyweird having him as an honored guest. His movie breaking crockumentary sales records. Al causing the Global Warming with all of his air travel to this speech or that speech on Global Warming. Al actually being offered more than 1500.00 for a speech. Hillary had to shoot him down, and showing Al’s hypocrisy was the best and fastest way to do it. I guess there will be no Al Gore in this election cycle. Woe is me, again I say Woe. – Lorica =))

    5. G-Monster says:

      I think Al Gore’s 15 minutes of fame just ended.

      Can you imagine how dissappointed the younger generation that were hanging on Al Gore’s every word must feel?

      Say it isn’t so Al. Tell them they are wrong.

      Sorry people, your global warming leader is a phony.

    6. G-Monster says:

      With that said, just because Al Gore is a phony, doesn’t mean we should waste water or energy.

      It’s funny how George Bush can suffice with a 4000 square foot home, but guys like Al Gore and John Kerry, have these monstrous mansions. I think John Kerry has more than 1.

      And then to find out that George Bush’s ranch is ecofriendly, etc.

      Republican politicians supposedly represent the rich in this country, and democrats supposedly support the poor.

      But howcome the democrat politicians seem to be the ones that are filthy rich?

    7. Severian says:

      Ever wonder if this has something to do with the fact that these elitist libs seem to care nothing about the suffering and lack of basic necessities that people in places like North Korea and Africa suffer under? If they improve their standard of living they won’t be able to buy carbon credits from them to cover their indulgent lifestyles.

    8. Baklava says:

      I want to get in on selling my eco-credits to Algore… At least I can turn my pain (having to hear him blather) into gain :d

    9. sanity says:

      How many credits will a lefty need to spend everytime they hit a bong?

    10. Severian says:

      That’s carbon neutral sanity, the pot took CO2 out of the air when it grew, and it gets put back in when smoked.

      If they really are worried, I guess there’s always brownies…;)

    11. forest hunter says:

      CO2 is also added to the air by rotting Old Growth timber. Conversely O2 is made with young forests, commonly called second growth, though the tree farmers I know are on their third crop. The tree huggers singing lalalalala, have yet to acknowledge that fact.

      There is NO GOOD REASON to waste natural resources, simply due to ignorance.

    12. Great White Rat says:

      From MD’s linked item:

      The key for a society is to create a responsible, responsive and fluid elite.

      And of course, if you’re a liberal, you just know you’re so much smarter and cooler than those common people out there in Jesusland who must actually produce something of value in their jobs, so it stands to reason that the elite must be composed entirely of liberals. And therefore, the laws and regulations don’t apply to them.

      Ah yes…Orwell had the modern liberal pegged. Some animals are more equal than others. l-)

    13. Lorica says:

      You know the depth of deception to create such a lame defense is scarey. What we need in this country is a Leadership Class that understands they are servants not rulers. This individual who gave a defense of Al, A.C. KLEINHEIDER, is a complete and utter idiot, or thinks that he himself is part of the leadership “elite”. You know it just seems to me that the further the left slides into lunacy the deeper their apologetists slide with them. Is there no eventual point in which these people just give up and say “Al, ya nut job, you are on your own for this one”. Seems to me I would of washed my hands of this door knob along time ago, if I were a level headed thinking person. Which not to surpisingly most of our howling moonbat friends on the left, are not level headed, and I don’t really care to hear what they think, it is just to scarey, but then I repeat myself. – Lorica

    14. Severian says:

      It just hit me, what that photo reminds me of:


    15. Lorica says:

      Sev!!!! Don’t remind Sister of her movie fears!!!! – Lorica [-x

    16. sanity says:

      Sev, I keep getting that image replayed in the movie Godzilla, the little Japenese guy, weakly saying, “Gorezilla…”, on the recorded video.

      and it keeps looping…


    17. Severian says:

      Heh…suddenly the song by Blue Oyster Cult comes to mind:

      With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound
      He pulls the spitting coal fired power plant down

      Helpless people in gas guzzler cars
      Scream bug-eyed as he looks in on them

      He picks up an SUV and he throws it back down
      As he wades through the non-green buildings toward the center of town

      OH NO! There goes K-yo-to GO GO GOREZILLA!
      Wa ah aah ah ah….
      OH NO! They say he’s got to go GO GO GOREZILLA!
      Wa ah aah ah ah….