Gore ‘responds’ to Drudge headline (UPDATE II: IS ST READER GWR PSYCHIC?)

YOU MUST LISTEN!Fresh off his Academy Award win on Sunday night, presidential wannabe Al Gore must be feeling pretty invincible as he took it upon himself to respond to, as the very liberal Think Progress describes it, Drudge’s “latest hysterics” on Al Gore’s gw hypocrisy.

Jimmie at the Sundries Shack debunks this latest piece of dishonesty from he-who-almost-became-president, and Dan Riehl doesn’t pull any punches, either.

As a side note, it’s interesting that Think Progress chose to attack Drudge for republishing a press release from the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, rather than responding directly to the TCPR itself. Perhaps because they couldn’t?

I also find it mildly amusing that Think Progress filed this under the category “Radical Right Wing Agenda” as if there’s something “radical” about stating the truth on someone’s hypocrisy.

Come to think, for them, truth is a pretty radical – not to mention foreign – concept.

To the left, pointing out right wing hypocrisy = good. But pointing out left wing hypocrisy? Blasphemous.

More: ABC News picks up on the story here.

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ST – going green: :-&

UPDATE I: Must-read from The Anchoress: Inconvenient Truth: Bush greener than Gore

UPDATE II: Read ST reader Great White Rat’s comment from yesterday, in an attempt to predict how Gore would respond. ;)

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