Nutroots double standards strike again: Responses to Coulter versus responses to Stark -and Marcottegate- don’t add up

Jules Crittenden, among other bloggers, writes today about the latest Ann Coulter outrage, this time for calling John Edwards the “F” word (Sean Hackbarth has the audio here).

My feelings on Ann Coulter are well known among my readers, so knowing how I feel about AC should give people a stong indication about how I feel about her latest verbal bomb thrower. After reading the reactions of many other rightie blogs in the blogosphere over the comment, I know I’m not alone.

Caution: Nutroots Inhabitants AheadWhat I want to focus on is the Nutroots hypocritical foaming at the mouth outrage over her remarks (you can see some of the links on that here) and as usual calling for the right en masse to condemn her. Even DNC Chair Howard Dean has gotten in on the act.

These are some of the same people who went ballistic when John Edwards now-former bloggers’ extremely nasty and acerbic comments they posted at their blogs were plastered at several well-known sites for all to see, to the point there were calls from Catholic groups for Edwards to fire them. He lamely did not, after accepting their ‘non-apology apology’ for the comments, but a few days later both bloggers resigned, citing their unwillingness to have their every little word scrutinized (aww – it’s tough being in the big time, isn’t it?). Now, I’m sure you all remember how the Nutroots cheered like mad dogs when Edwards decided he wasn’t going to let them go. It was a ‘victory for free speech!’ they cried, and a ‘smack down of the right and religious fanatics!’

In other words, the cries of condemnation for the remarks of Edwards’ former bloggers from their own website were lone voices in the wilderness. The people complaining the most about their comments were bloggers on the right, and Catholic groups. The left was busy wailing about how two of their favorite Nutroots bloggers were having their ‘free speech rights’ trampled on. Strangely, the same rule doesn’t apply to Coulter as far as they are concerned. Marcotte, and others, should be allowed to go on with their hateful tirades without being criticized, while Coulter’s remarks deserve no less than BLANKET CONDEMNATION.

What was the reaction from the Nutroots over Daily Kos/Huffington Post hero Mike Stark’s making it his life’s mission to stalk prominent conservatives every chance he gets? OUTRAGE that one of his more violent episodes was stopped midstream by alert Senator Allen staffers. Here were some examples of the Nutroots response to the tackling of Stark by those staffers:

Think Progress posted this little tidbit in their “Corrupt Establishment” section:

Stark is not, as CNN reported, a “protester.” He is a constituent who was trying to ask Allen a question

TPM Cafe:

So I just had a longer interview with Mike Stark, the man who was thrown to the ground today by staffers for Senator George Allen for asking their boss a couple of questions.

Stark the stalker is so highly looked upon by the left that he was hired by an Air America radio show to be a reporter on their show.

Why bring up old Stark incidents now? Because the same day Ann Coulter made her condemnation-worthy remarks that the left are calling for blood over, Mike Stark the stalker was busy doing what he does best, and this time it was in a picture with Michelle Malkin. Now, Allah reports that Michelle didn’t know who he was at the time, but all the same, it’s creepy and scary the way that this fanatic operates. Now, is the reaction from the left to Stark’s latest stalking incident anywhere close to their flipping out over Coulter’s comments? Why no.

Simply put, there’s no reaction whatsover. But I’d bet that very soon, we’ll see posts from lefty bloggers complimenting Mike on how “clever” he was to even get into CPAC in the first place.

This is yet another legendary example of the far left’s patented ability to stand out as the absolute biggest hypocrites on the planet by once again not practicing what they preach. The right condemns their own, and condemns the left when they get out of line, but the left sees fit only to condemn the right, while routinely praising stalkers and potty mouthed bloggers on their side.

That is why when the left starts their outrage campaigns by calling for “the right” to condemn another conservative, I just chuckle. For those of you on the left who think you’ve scored a victory because so many ‘rightie bloggers’ have supposedly ‘caved’ to your demands for condemnation of Coulter’s comments, you need to take a cold shower, because the condemnation had nothing to do with your stupid demands and everything to do with the right holding their own side accountable for outrageous remarks/actions, something you guys have demonstrated once again you don’t have the ability, willingness, nor honesty to do. Lying hypocrites.

PM Update I: It figures that the HuffPo would give the stalker a sounding board to brag about his misadventures. All too often, the Democratic party reminds me of just how appropriate their party symbol is.

PM Update II: Bryan Preston has more thoughts on Ann’s CPAC comments.

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